Shallow needs for loot

Whine. Every time I use a coin and miss on a reward I feel like I’ve wasted a coin. When I don’t get loot in LFR I get the feeling too. Yes, we should not get gear every kill, and yes I know I’m on a treadmill.3x-LFR-Legs-ShittyLootSystem
Still the system needs to ramp up on rewards, perhaps so that I don’t get another of the same reward. eg. getting a third set of 502 PvE legs from LFR was frustrating.

A week later I got a 522 Leg item from Nalak too. Pants!

5 thoughts on “Shallow needs for loot

  1. I have so far won a 502 cloak 5 times and the same pair of 502 boots 3 times in LFR and nothing else. The sad thing is that I’ve had a 522 cloak since the first week in ToT. I’m also not sure having 3 pairs of the same boots is any good. I can’t even DE them into something useful like Haunting Spirits. I’ve been wondering if anything else drops in LFR.

  2. Wow Ram – that is insane. I’d love to swap you one of my Pants for a set of 502 boots. And I’d love to DE into Haunting Spirits too, given that I have the patterns to craft the 522 gear as well but the haunting spirits cost a fortune.

    The choice of Spec in patch 5.3 might help for LFR runs, that way I can get Tanking Pants and you can get more (different) boots.

  3. I feel your pain – I’m on my 5th healer cloak since 5.2 dropped. Last night was the worst though – after repeatedly queuing for the twin consorts and never getting them (7 times Lei Shen though) I won a necklace – used my coin to try for the shield … and got the necklace again.

  4. Warning. I am touchy about gear, so I am getting on my soapbox.

    I have very, very, very bad RNG luck. Very bad. I’m obsessed with getting rid of my last blues. I was able to replace my bracers with a decent gearscore item that I grinded rep for. I’m a casual, so grinding rep/valor sucks, but it’s something I can do bit by bit, while actually feeling like I have shot in the dark of getting to the goal.

    My last blue is my weapon. Is this happening? No, because LFR is the only way I can upgrade my weapon other than taking up semi-professional PvP or actual fancypants raiding again. I don’t have the patience, the PvP skill or the PvP gear to actually hang around and earn 7k conquest for a better weapon. I PvE where monsters generally stand the eff still to be killed instead of jumping all around you like monkeys on drugs. I hate PvP, no matter how much my friends try to get me into it, because I have no PvP gear so I just get freaking rogued in the back and have to stand there stunned while they take gigantic chunks out of my health. (Or it’s a hunter, which is ironic.) Actual fancypants raiding has been a drama filled pain in the ass timesink of sad, and I’m not going to waste my fun on it.

    I was getting depressed with the whole LFR song and dance routine because I kept on getting gold and not even crafting spirits or other crap. (I got a pet bat once. OH JOYOUS DAY, A BAT IN A BAG.) If I did get a bit of loot, it was some sheeyit I didn’t need or want, like a belt that was worse than the one I repgrinded/valorgrinded for, or another freaking Bottle of Infinite Stars from Mogushan Vaults.

    Use an extra roll? Get more gold. More coins generally equals more gold. Depressed. Sad. Was contemplating giving up and spending time more “productively” on an alt. Then yesterday, I got a 502 chest from the first part of ToT LFR, which was an actual gear improvement.

    Crap. I’m back on the treadmill because JUST MAYBE I might get more! See? I GOT A CHEST PIECE! /slaps self

    Basically, I think it would help if people realized that despite the name, LFR isn’t “a raid” in the sense that a regular raid is, because as long as everybody does the MINIMUM expected of them, we can make it through. It’s not about teamwork with a group you know. It’s not about overcoming epic challenges. LFR is basically a heroic heroic, with way more people. At its most idealistic, it’s a way to let casuals like me actually see stuff that’s “cool,” “relevant to the plot” and “what we’re using our development dollars on.” At its most materialistic, it’s a method of gearing up FOR “real” raiding, because repgrinds TAKE FOREVER.

    So LFR needs to drop gear way more often. People have been telling me that drop rates were improved, but I think they’re full of bullshit, because I keep going through MV/Terrace without seeing the results of such a change myself. Same old gold for me.

    Or, LFR needs to give me a way to tell it, “ok, I don’t need ANOTHER Bottle of Infinite Stars from Elegon. Take the chance I had at that, and add it to the chance of getting a weapon, please.” Maybe it looks at what I have equipped and doesn’t give me the same thing or something that has a lesser item level. Maybe it looks at some sort of magic hidden log that says, “Oh, Therm’s got that belt. Transferring drop chance to weapon.”

    Alternately, every freaking time I fail to get ANYTHING with a coin roll, give me a marginally improved chance at getting something I DON’T HAVE.

    Another option would be enabling me to go back in time so I don’t do the stupid Wrathion quest for a stupid legendary gem that I CAN’T USE. Finishing that quest kinda gave me the expectation that getting a weapon that could use it was actually a reasonable hope THAT WOULDN’T TAKE (what feels like) THE REST OF MY GAMING LIFE.

    Or, the game needs to let me ambush the next huntard I see and steal his weapon. Preferably, it’d be one of the huntards who insists on linking the gear he just got in LFR instance chat, because I’d like to beat the crap out of him while I’m at it.

    I’m a casual. I don’t have hardcore raider endurance because raiding has sucked every time I’ve tried and I’m just not going to pay money to beat my head up against a brick wall. I’m trying to gear up because gearing makes the rest of my casual life easier – I can solo more crap for transmog or putz around killing rares with less chance of getting my ass handed to me. I’m trying to gear up because it makes it easier to do “respectable” DPS. I’m trying to gear up because friends and guildmates do LFR, and I need the gearscore to be able to join them.

    It just BOGGLES my mind that although I am 98% PVE, getting a “good” LFR weapon is a matter of chance that I can do absolutely nothing about. The extra roll feels almost worthless. The only way I can WORK bit by bit at getting a weapon is to go PvP. What is going ON?


    Since I quit raiding, this is honest to Gawd the worst aspect of the game for me. I love the sense of humor in WoW. I love cool stuff, like the Golden Banana or the Puntable Marmot. I’m not really impressed with more thunder crap (didn’t we do this element already?), but I like castles (as long as we can get out of the sewers, plzkthx) and things with dinosaurs. I generally like the game.


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