Crafting of Bloodmoon Reborn

The axe named Bloodmoon Reborn is a weapon (two handed strength based axe) that you either buy for huge amounts of gold, or craft yourself. I’ve never seen one on sale, but my AH mod tells me that they start around 50,000 gold. That seems cheap actually considering that to start from scratch it costs a small fortune in materials, and uses a daily cooldown for almost a month. Nuts.


As I have terrible luck with drops I decided to craft this. One month later I have a 502 ilevel item, which could just as easily be switched for a drop from LFR. That sucks a little, but Bloodmoon Reborn does have good itemisation for both Dps DKs and Tank DKs, as it loads Mastery and Haste.

I have two bitches about this in game:

  • A craftable which takes this effort should be a touch better than an LFR drop, considering the time and resources it takes. That shits me a little.
  • This weapon cannot make use of the Legendary upgrades. So it is not Thunderforged despite being forged in the Thunder Forge. Think about that for a moment.

If you want one don’t ask me for it unless you’re willing to pay for all that Living Steel and Motes of Harmony spent. Plus the trips out to the Thunder Forge. I can see these as patterns which really demonstrate the obsessive Blacksmiths in the game from the folks who just take it as they come. Full respect to any Blacksmith who gets all the 502 level patterns.

Happy Killing, TyphoonAndrew

3 thoughts on “Crafting of Bloodmoon Reborn

  1. That’s nice weapon for you, agree the final product should be better than a lfr weapon.
    Like the original version back in TBC took a lot of effort to craft but was on par with raiding weapons.
    Still got my original one 🙂

  2. Funny thing is that I’ve not seen an increase in dps from switching away from my 496 from Elegon. Kind of disappointing, although 6 ilvls would be difficult to track. I’d love a nice 522 two hander to swing around like a madman.

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