Blacksmithing the new Bars

The new Blacksmithing daily conversion grants a special BoP Lightning Steel Ingot bar, and also grants a chance to learn a pattern you don’t have. I really like this idea. Many of the BS patterns were expensive in mats and low use, but I like having the oddd chance to pick them up while creating a daily bar.

blacksmithingEven better was the fact that the pattern to learn it drops from a PvE kill (from Itoka) and has a small mini-quest to complete. This is spot on, and should be repeated for each tweak or enhancement to each profession. It is a way to bind players into the world.

As silly as it may sound too – these Lightning Steel Ingots are core materials for a set of ilevel 463 BoE items, which can be further enhanced to ilevel BoE 476.Yes, finally we have a way to craft 476 BoE items.

For my character who is still using a crappy upgraded blue weapon in my Tank set, it might be better. Sad, but hey – an upgrade is an upgrade. It will take 15x uses of the daily cooldown, so a fairly high investment in time.