Hearthstone looks interesting


The new thing from Blizzard is a digital card game named Hearthstone. I think it is great to see effort by Blizzard to expand their breadth of game styles into new areas. These type of games do attract players with different needs and this is especially attractive as it is both free to play, and will run on many platforms including the iPad. This is a good strategy in my opinion for diverging their interests, which on the whole will help keep the company stronger (as long as it is a good game).

Be warned the promo video does not demonstrate the gameplay, for that check out the main website or the MMO Champion link below.


The whine-fest of disappointment exploded all over itself when the small announcement from Blizzard turned out to be a digital card game. Already the MMO Champ post is full of “meh” replies and critical comments. It seems that nothing apart from Titan or the next WoW expansion was going to be good enough – both of which were ruled out before the announcement anyway.

So really the whiners can STFU, they expected something which was really never going to happen. Now get back to your LFR and Dailies, that is enough distraction.