Shafted by VP to JP conversion in 5.2

WoW’s Patch 5.2 will convert Valor to Justice points, just like all other major content patches. However this time the gear to be purchased will not be moving to JPs, instead it will be “greatly discounted” but still require VPs to purchase. So if you still wanted to purchase it you’ll need to farm VPs to replace the ones that were converted.

Seems like a silly idea to me, and I cannot think of a reason why making the “old gear” purchasable for JP is unreasonable. Just like previous patches. Oh, unless it takes more time to gear up an alt, then it makes sense. Shafted. The counterpoint is that the new VP gear will be what you’re buying, but then it still does not make sense not to move the old stuff to Justice.


2 thoughts on “Shafted by VP to JP conversion in 5.2

  1. I think it’s to keep the 5.1 raids somewhat useful in 5.2. With the 10% nerf to the raids pugging them for gear might be a fast way to gear up. Maybe..

  2. But why do the 5.0 and 5.1 raids when the 5.2 content is there? Only a character who is gearing to get into 5.2 will be doing that, and they’ll likely be trying for LFR runs instead of getting a Normal mode raid. And making that character go slowly to get into 5.2 is only hurting the raid team they are trying to gear with, as they’ll have to wait longer. Perhaps old content might be cheap Valor points; but that’s about it.

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