Folks still roll Need on offset. FFS

Short one – doing a 5 man for the valor, and the Druid healer needs on a Strength dps Neck item. Riiiiiiight. Druids need strength for what exactly? He then needs another item which could be his offset. Both well before anyone else has even rolled. Deathlordxtx for the loss.

It was not surprising that his name was also an ArthasZ style fiasco. Can’t these people re-roll Rift already? Somebody tell them that Wow is dead please.

I’m sick of this shit, so I’m calling them out. You want an offset item and wish to roll Need, then use the chat function BUILT INTO THE GAME to see who else wants it.


2 thoughts on “Folks still roll Need on offset. FFS

  1. Why should he care who else needs it? The logical thing to do is to need on everything since thats the most gains for YOU. Why people continue to be suprised by people being selfish just baffles me since its the default thing to do. Rather be suprised when they aren’t selfish, I am.

  2. It is obvious that the system has Need and Greed for a reason, its being used poorly by selfish players. A druid has no reason ever to roll Need for a Strength item.

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