How do you get to 1000 valor per week?

I’d like to know how other players get to the 1000 valor cap per week? My method is constrained by small blocks of time, and a desire to alternate activity. I do:

  • as many dailies for valor and rep as I can fit in while waiting for a queue
  • x1-2 scenarios and x1 instance run per day, for the 3 nights a week I play. As a priority the Instance comes first, as it rewards more VPs, although the Scenarios can be quick.
  • rarely I’ll do one or two extra daily quests before work, or on an off-night. Only 10-20 VPs worth at a maximum.
  • even more rarely I get to kill bosses in a Raid or an LFR. Typically this happens if I don’t get a raid spot and I also get a night with no distractions. Once a month typically.

How successful is the strat? Its generally not enough. I get to around 650 VPs per week, although on a great week that might be almost 900 VP.


Is this the fault of me as a player not having enough time, or the fault of game design?

Given I spend approx 9 hours playing a week broken into small chunks of 45 minutes to 1.5 hours (if not raiding) I’m very comfortable saying that it is my schedule which affects the lack of capp’ing Valor points. Adding a night, or even 1 extra hour per day would make a huge difference on this time, and that is my long term plan – to spread play into “off-nights” but only doing stuff that is very easy to be interrupted in.

I’ve posted about the Valor rewards themselves being poor, and it may appear to be an attack on the overall system. The facility for obtaining Valor is fine, but the reward rate (5x per Daily) feels very low, but has not totally prohibited gear upgrades.

Happy Killing.

7 thoughts on “How do you get to 1000 valor per week?

  1. I pound out as much LFR as I can in the first two days it is out. That plus one scenario a day plus one set of dailies a day (just one faction) gets me capped a few days early.

    If you have a set time that you can pretty much always be on (and it isn’t in raid time) it might be worth it to put a 5-man together for a challenge mode dungeon. If you get bronze, you get the VP.

  2. Call me loopy, but though I’m roughly in the same boat as you, it doesn’t bother me. The cap is a cap — it’s not a quota I have to meet, it’s just the maximum I’d be allowed to earn if I had the time and inclination to do it.

    Up until the upgrade system went into place with 5.1, I didn’t really have much reason to cap my Valor anyway — it wasn’t possible to grind rep quickly enough to reach Valor-purchase levels for all factions. That I can technically upgrade all my gear now *has* made me more conscious of the fact that I’m not even close to capping my Valor each week. But I temper that with the knowledge that it’s not too big a deal: Those extra few upgrades I’m not buying won’t stop my casual raid guild from progressing.

  3. Now that is a reasonable approach, and I tilt between that and wanting all the gear asap. The opportunity to have 1000 max is sometimes to me a weekly achievement, not an option. Chasing the gear-addiction-dragon is how I’m wired in WoW now, its hard to break the mindset. I know that is not good, and a more relaxed attitude would help me stay calm and enjoy.

    I also get a buzz on getting new gear which does not help. Being that almost all my opportunities are from VPs, it has a lopsided weighting

  4. Generally i farm 2000 pts so its not that much of a problem.
    450 from LFR, 240 from normal raids, 3-4 days of shield dailies and a heroic or two if the healer bags are up and done. Then on sunday I will cap my alt, 50% bonus on valor makes it very quick.

  5. LFRs are now doable any day of the week. It’s not “do them by thursday or don’t try”.

    After that 450, it’s some mixture of random 5 mans and daily quests. You need to do some of the latter to keep the charm supply up.

    I prefer to cap on my main as early in the week as possible, so VP production is enhanced on alts.

  6. To be fair, though, I ain’t got no judginess around the gear-addiction-dragon. Blizzard partly designed the game to work that way at max level (heck, I literally shouted out loud when Bottle of the Infinite Stars dropped for me in LFR this week), and I think our natural human desire for completion/closure comes into play also.

    I try to fight against it in my brain, though, because I’ve increasingly come to realize that it’s a part of the game that doesn’t trigger a deep satisfaction for me. If I get a piece of gear but sacrificed two hours of sleep to get it when I could’ve just waited a little longer to finish grinding the Valor, and then I have trouble focusing the next day at work (or even on a weekend), I don’t feel good about that. It’s a hollow, brief victory. Maybe for other folks the high lasts longer. I’ve built up a resistance. 🙂

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