Friday Five by Too many Annas

Too Many Annas has a regular Friday Five, questions to ping thoughts and ideas…

This week: Your character has unlimited funds and unlimited space to make their dream abode.

  1. Is it in the city or country? What zone, if you could pick one?
  2. Big or small? What does it look like?
  3. Is it cluttered and crazy or clean and neat?
  4. Do they share it with anyone/anything?
  5. Do they live there all year, or is it a seasonal home?


(One) Mortigen would live within Acherus the Death Knight citadel. Essentially his place in the rest of Azeroth is lost and gone, and Acherus represents both the prison of being a death knight and also the place where a DK is not subject to creepy looks.

Given unlimited resources that might change to be a citadel of his own which is not regularly shared with other death knights. Perhaps uproot something like IceCrown Citadel and float that about the crater where Dalaran used to be, or on the Ruins of Theramore.

Having an army of undead minions should be included too. At least one hundred thousands footmen and heavy infantry, and a range of dragons and flying ghouls for air support. That has a nice feel to it.

(Two) It would be huge, something to make Naxxramas feel like a hovel. Skulls, spines, spikes and cold rivers of infectious slime and frozen water.

A small chapel iced over with permafrost. A floating barge the size of the alliance gunship to use as a run about to get down to the ground when needed. That saves landing the floating castle on a town just because he needs some extra common thread for a quest.

A market and vendor area akin to the shopping district in Undercity or Dalaran would be great too, as long as the vendors don’t mind living with a strict curfew.

(Three) It should be patrolled regularly by guards and servitors, but essentially all non-combat personal should be rare and basically never seen. Keep the place feeling haunted and forlorn.

(Four) In times of strife Mortigen would use the citadel to fight for the causes, but never as an ongoing deal. Why like to the Alliance when they perform just as many idiotic or cowardly actions as the Horde.

(Five) It is a base of operations, and as it would be mobile – it could be used all year round.

Do you think the Pandaren would mind a monolithic castle floating above Half Hill farm?