Raidboss Valor Reward Increased news – and perhaps in response to the community being pissed off about the low rate of valor collection – the rewards will be boosted in maintenance today – from 25 to 40 VPs per kill. Wow Insider has the skinny, twitter post from GhostCrawler, and patch notes.

Normal and Heroic raid encounters in Mogu’shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, and Terrace of Endless Spring now award 40 Valor, up from 25. This will take effect after the weekly reset.

Wow. Excellent!

What does it mean? Well for a start raiders have a reason to spin through a clear of Mogu’shun Vaults for Valor instead of doing dailies. 240 VP per clear is far better than 150.

Also in this patch is the Spirit Kings appearing in a set order – interesting. Was it enough of an issue that folks found it hard? A particular order did not seem to be more difficult. No more than the selection of Doggies in the 3 Dogs fight being sometimes a pain.

Happy Killing. Continue reading

Friday Five by Too many Annas

Too Many Annas has a regular Friday Five, questions to ping thoughts and ideas…

This week: Your character has unlimited funds and unlimited space to make their dream abode.

  1. Is it in the city or country? What zone, if you could pick one?
  2. Big or small? What does it look like?
  3. Is it cluttered and crazy or clean and neat?
  4. Do they share it with anyone/anything?
  5. Do they live there all year, or is it a seasonal home?


(One) Mortigen would live within Acherus the Death Knight citadel. Essentially his place in the rest of Azeroth is lost and gone, and Acherus represents both the prison of being a death knight and also the place where a DK is not subject to creepy looks.

Given unlimited resources that might change to be a citadel of his own which is not regularly shared with other death knights. Perhaps uproot something like IceCrown Citadel and float that about the crater where Dalaran used to be, or on the Ruins of Theramore.

Having an army of undead minions should be included too. At least one hundred thousands footmen and heavy infantry, and a range of dragons and flying ghouls for air support. That has a nice feel to it.

(Two) It would be huge, something to make Naxxramas feel like a hovel. Skulls, spines, spikes and cold rivers of infectious slime and frozen water.

A small chapel iced over with permafrost. A floating barge the size of the alliance gunship to use as a run about to get down to the ground when needed. That saves landing the floating castle on a town just because he needs some extra common thread for a quest.

A market and vendor area akin to the shopping district in Undercity or Dalaran would be great too, as long as the vendors don’t mind living with a strict curfew.

(Three) It should be patrolled regularly by guards and servitors, but essentially all non-combat personal should be rare and basically never seen. Keep the place feeling haunted and forlorn.

(Four) In times of strife Mortigen would use the citadel to fight for the causes, but never as an ongoing deal. Why like to the Alliance when they perform just as many idiotic or cowardly actions as the Horde.

(Five) It is a base of operations, and as it would be mobile – it could be used all year round.

Do you think the Pandaren would mind a monolithic castle floating above Half Hill farm?


Shared Topic: What do you want for Winter Veil?

This week’s Blog Azeroth’s topic comes from Be MOP, with the question:

Winter Veil is around the corner and it’s time to sit upon Greatfather Winter’s lap and answer the important question, “What do you want for Winter Veil?” Is it that expensive grand expedition yak? a nice transmog custom outfit? or a Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock?

What is on your Winter Veil wishlist?

Well a full set of item level 509 gear would be a treat…

…plus maybe 100 magic coins that each convert to 1000 Valor Points when used. And maybe 500,000 gold just to splurge on fun things. I’m not greedy.

Or the Yak mount (above), or Rocket mount, or Mimron’s head, or the undead dragon mount from Wrath.

Or a permanent “Footsteps of Illidan” effect so that I leave a trail of green fire behind me when I walk.

Oh, how about the ability to cause idiots in 5 mans to log-out for 10 minutes?

And as my birthday falls between the 3rd to 9th – I’d also like some ingredients to max out Cooking.

And every Bind to Account item in the game too. Just because I might use them.

I was never a kid who had a problem asking for the huge impossible gifts from Santa, but had some trouble understanding why the big guy never quite got the messages.

I’d settle for a little bonus rep with Shieldwall and the odd few others.

Such is life. Great topic.

Gearing up for an adventure

That scene in the Matrix when Neo fights an upgraded Agent and says, “hmm, upgrades…” resounds at the moment.

Recently I’ve been lucky to have some very good gear drops in normal MV and also had some of the hard work grinding and AH farming pay off. I found it odd that the relative score of the gear in sites like Wow Heroes did not jump significantly. It’s not like there are not 300+ characters who are better geared on the server, but bragging right are fun sometimes.

Gear which changes was:

  • a Dps 489 ring from Quest/Exalted Rep with Klaxxi. It is no small effort to get to Exalted with this faction, and it is a pity that I took the reward so close to the update to patch 5.1 as the ring will hopefully be replaced in the coming months. I will not be doing the Klaxxi zone at all unless I max out all the other dailies, which in very unlikely.
  • a Dps 489 gauntlets from MV, upgraded from item level 372.
  • a Dps 489 cloak from MV, from level 372,
  • some Dps boots that I’ll be using as part of a Tank set,
  • switched the old 472 dps Cloak and Gauntlets to the Tank set,
  • and purchased the Dps trinket from DMF, which replaced the 450 ilevel dragonling trinket. I’ll miss that little dragon proc. I think it cost around 12,000 gold buying it with cards.
  • then finally purchased the other DMF trinket too for the Tank set, for around 8,500 gold. It was far less of an upgrade that the Dps one, but it will serve well for the rare Tanking I do in instances and is more than powerful enough for 5 man runs.

Yes, its been a good few weeks.

I know that using Dps gear is not ideal for Tanking as I miss out on loading the secondary Tank stats like Parry and Dodge, but a 486/472 dps item is rated higher in terms of overall itemisation than a 463 item with those stats because often the Mastery loading on the dps items is still good. It is not ideal, but any upgrade is an upgrade.

Next on the list is:

  • I’m likely to valor-upgrade the two-hander Star Shatter, as it is likely the best weapon I’ll see before we are either killing the end boss in Heart of Fear on normal (a while away), or killing Heroic Elegon (longer still). Spending Valor on that seems a worth while update as it is unlikely to be replaced.
  • Rep farming the Shieldwall faction is important (Ring, then Trinket, then Boots/Belt),
  • but as is completing the Exalted rep with Goldebn Lotus for a Tank Neck (a quest reward), because I have a 489 item on neck already and the itemisation on the Dps quest reward is sub-par for DKs playing Frost 2 handed. Might as well get +5 Valor and a nice upgrade when it does not disadvantage the other grinds.
  • getting to Revered with the Shadow-Pan for a new 489 trinket (also costs VPs), but I am now sure that the Ironbelly Wok is nothing compared to the upgrade of switching to a 496 with the Shieldwall trinket. Those poor Shado-Pan might have had their day.
  • I’ll visit the August Celestials soon to see how I can help them too.

At this stage I’ll wait to see how my reps are when I next cap out on Valor, then purchase the item which gives the best upscale in core ilevel, with a preference for the Shieldwall gear.

I did wonder and have no answer, except to perform case-by-case testing for:

  • Is it worth upgrading a weapon by 8 item levels (say 489 to 497), or a trinket (from 472 to 480)?
  • or better to spend VPs on higher gear? buy a 489 which replaces a 472, which is more of a point difference.
  • How far does the preferred vs sub-optimal secondary stats factor in that?

Perhaps the answer is to only upgrade the gear which is both the highest level you expect to attain in the short to mid term, and also only when the same amount of Valor Points could not purchase an equivalent upgrade elsewhere on the character.

i.e. You’re better off purchasing a higher ilevel item than upgrading another, as you change the base level of your gear to be higher, and therefore open to enhancement with Valor later. This means that as most of my stuff is 489 now, I’d be mad to upgrade a 472 with VPs, especially when 496s are available with Reputation.

There is no sneaky way to grab my last 472 upgrades for Legs and Bracers except getting lucky in a few runs, or Valor farming – so farming it is. Yay! Cough.

dk_headshot_armour by wow insider