Is Wrathion an evil mongrel?

That funny son-of-a-black-dragon named Wrathion has a new quest in a future patch, to continue the bump and grind of assembling a Legendary item. The quest is called “Test of Valor” and requires the collection of 6000 valor points. So it’s not important if he’s evil in a good vs evil way, more in terms of if he’s the sadistic expression of “Love that Valor” grind which Mists has brought us.

It is not clear if the counter for 6000 starts when the quest is accepted, or is retroactive. I’d suggest that making it retroactive is poor for three reasons:

  1. getting a Legendary should be hard. 6 weeks work is nothing compared to the years of work to get early Legendary items like Sulfuron and Thunderfury. Yes it should be as hard as it was.
  2. getting 6000 valor will count in the next expansion as well as this one. Meaning that from start it does not matter what you do to earn them, its just a questline for a particularly challenging set of content.
  3. if it is retroactive then I have 6000 valor from ages ago when valor points were first introduced, considering some isolated mechanic which counts from one day, but ignores others makes the coding harder.

So make it count from the time the quest is accepted, and make it reset if the quest is dropped. The idea that this might upset people upsets me. I’ll say something rude and elitist which is hopefully out of character for me: play another game if six weeks work is too hard for a legendary item.

There is a thread on the official forms saying farewell to WoW due to the Valor grind. While I think the grind itself around gearing with Valor is poor in Pandaria, I’m all for the Legendary being brutally punishing, the harder they are the better.

Thoughts? Too harsh?


6 thoughts on “Is Wrathion an evil mongrel?

  1. I think that the counter will start once the quest is accepted. That’ll give players something to do for at least six weeks until the next patch, 5.2, comes out. With how Blizzard has been alternating patch content, I think 5.2 will involve a new raid where the third part of the questline begins and we’ll have to insanely grind for something else for Mr. Demanding Wrathion.

  2. @Cygnia: No, but they will be implementing valor point gear upgrades, which will definitely eat up as many valor points as you can throw at it.

  3. @Jez – in complex terms being Pro challenge is not being Elitist, but in superficial terms it is equated to the same thing; either too easy or too hard and nothing in between. Like being Hardcore of Casual, our gamer community can’t handle more that a binary classification.

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