Faction reps gaining slowly

A quick toon update on Reputations in progress for Mortigen my Death Knight, making me think that daily quests do have a reward, but by golly that does not make them entertaining.

  • Black Prince now Honored. Not a big deal without the drops needed from raid bosses, which are darn rare and most of what I need now coming from Heart of Fear.
  • Golden Lotus now Revered, so I can save that little more valor and might soon have some upgraded epic Shoulders. Yay. Anyone got some spare Valor? Also means I can unlock the Shadow Pan to start more quests. And a step closer to the epic quest reward too.
  • Klaxxi now Revered, also not a big deal due to the Valor requirement on rewards. I suppose it is one step closer to Exalted and a free 487 epic item. Yippee. Grind.
  • Tillers now totally beyond my comprehension of which idiot farmer likes me, and which are snarky. I do not understand why Farmer Yoon (or whatever his name is) actually needs rep or help. What he really needs and actually has is a host of available players to be slaves on his farm while he stands idle beside the hut watching. That shovel pusher is lucky he is not a yellow-mob, because I’d be killing him every week. Yes, I am exalted which is why these turkeys get the biggest rant.
  • I also do not understand how to get Cooking leveled quickly. All my non-“Way-of-the” cooking is gray.
  • Anglers have had a brief look in, but fishing is no more compelling than before, which means that it’ll be one of the last things I do each week if I have the time.
  • Archaeology is after fishing/Anglers. Yawn.

So I keep doing Golden Lotus and Klaxxi for the Exalted quest chain, garnering Valor to buy the Shoulders, then add Shadow Pan into the mix instead of Tillers so that the epic Helm will one day be something available too.

It’s nice to have an upgrade path. See you online.

9 thoughts on “Faction reps gaining slowly

  1. On the cooking leveling: your overall cooking level is equal to the level of your highest Way. You only need to level one of them to 600 to get 600 cooking. Each of the Ways has a consistent particular stat benefit, such as Agility for Wok, Strength for Grill, and Stamina for Oven. I’d pick the one with the stat you want most and get it to 600, then worry about leveling up the other Ways if you want. You get access to your banquet at 575, which is pretty easy to get to.

  2. Becoming best friends with the various tillers mostly just provide vanity items. You occasionally get seed packs or food from them.

  3. @ Prunetracy – ah, then I’ll focus on the Grill. Seems to also require a large amount of fish which means tokens or actually fishing. Perhaps I can do that while the family is distracted without getting into trouble.

  4. Lol. No that drops from Hugalon. He is in a cave where some of the shado pan dailies are. 24 hour CD and make sure your BFF doesn’t die!

  5. Oh and I might add, most of the vanity items are pets that hang out on your farm. You also can get a transmogable straw hat.

  6. All good, nothing wrong at all with giving me a push. That Huggalon is odd. I’ll go hunt him when I’ve got some time to burn, but at the moment I’m concentrating of valor farming by Daily quests, 1x scenario, and 1x instance per day I play.

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