Really farming Motes of Harmony

I wrote a post a while back about farming for Motes of Harmony, and the one thing which really gives fantastic return is the Tiller’s Farm. Its a safe 10-12 (or more) motes a day if that is all you did. And that effort takes about 15-30 minutes max. Sheesh, if you’re not doing it – get on it.

Granted you need the rep to unlock the seeds, and that takes some grinding. However these dailies grant cash and side rewards, with motes on top. It really feels like something that the game got almost perfect in Mists of Pandaria.

With a slow steady effort even a slow player can get a fair reward for time spent. Regular readers and followers of all the news will know this, but the impact of 10 free motes per day is a huge potential source for new gear, or even money if you are happy to craft gear to sell. The seeds are cheap, and you are in effect paying for the effort. Players with alchemists are doubly blessed due to the metal transmutes too.

Happy Farming, I mean killing

3 thoughts on “Really farming Motes of Harmony

  1. Not a crafter, so I have motes coming out of my ears. I still plant them, though. The mote vender (trader, I guess) will switch them out for just about anything you could need. Especially valuable is Golden Lotus…. This makes the other seeds you can buy way less valuable. It might be fun to see what ore you can farm up…. Or you can trade a mote in and get exactly what you want.

  2. Exalted with tillers gets you 16 slots… Not too bad cuz I found that faction fun and not as samey as others. I still do a few of their quests a day to raise my rep with the individual tiller folk…. slowly.

    But I swear to God and everyone that I will never do the Fatty Goatsteak quest again.

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