A few more Blue comments, Bag Space, and random linkage

Those Blue posters really do put up with a heck of a lot of splatter and vitriol from the community. Thankfully the mess is easy to find and enjoy. This time Bag Space is something I’ve got some thoughts on at the end, which the Blues seem to think cannot be solved by adding space.

  • Apparently post trolling for “survey feedback” on Dailies is not productive. Fair.
  • No AHs in the Pandaria zones. Consistent with other expansions. Fair, and the OP phrased it well enough to sound like a request too. +1.
  • WoW custom Monopoly has been released. I don’t get it, but can accept it. Fair.
  • A DPS comparison with Blue, via Noxic. Hmm. Not what I’m seeing.
  • I am not the only one (surprise!) that dislikes the Loot-Need rolls in 5 mans, but it is working as intended. That makes it just more evidence that the folks I hate who proceed to take everything are doing nothing “wrong” and everything selfishly. They have great gear though. Again here.
  • Blue confirmed that bigger bags won’t help the issue of no space in the long term. Ahem. That does not mean that larger bags, or better stacking of items in stacks larger than 20 (for most buff food for example) won’t significantly help. I think there is a bit of snarkin the Blue’s response where they offer that bigger bags is such a good suggestion. How about:
    • Make all things that stack to 20 now go up to 100 instead (or maybe 99 if you must). Food, ingredients, crystals, herbs, ore, mats for enchants, cloth, etc. All of it. We’ll have heaps more bag space, with no change in the size of the variable in the DB which stored the stack count.
    • Give me an item (yes it will use a bag slot) that allows me to DE. Sell it as a special Rep item from the Consortium as an Exalted special. That way we can DE as we go too.
    • Make lesser charms stack to 900+.
    • The the quest items for Dailies that I do not have auto-disappear when the Daily is dropped or complete (Duh).


Angsty about gearing

Another loot & gear post…this time its as the rounding to the holiday event for Hallow’s Eve and the disparagingly lackluster experience trying to keep pace with a set of regular raiders.

Firstly I am sunk but not surprised that I didn’t get the Horseman’s Helm update this time around. It was a long shot that the daily goodie bag would drop the damn thing, and the fact that it is one of the better available gear items at the moment only makes it more bitter. Yes, some of the item level 463 gear are not far behind in terms of itemisation, but they are also rare and they get rolled on by all the asshats in randoms. frankly the time spent doing HH was better than getting Need rolled by a random who should know better. Yup, its happened.

Secondly I am sliding backward down the gear rank, with the raid team leaving me behind as they progress through Mogu’Shan Vaults. I expected this, but hate the sensation. I can grind/sell/buy/farm my way through another good item (the blacksmith craftable gloves) and keep saving for a Valor upgrade sometime in two weeks (Trinket, Helm, Belt, and Gloves, and the gloves will be from BS), but more than that I cannot plan for. Unless I get bloody lucky in a LFR run, or some ungodly rare world drop I won’t have a set worth speaking about in a month’s time. I’ll be out geared for Heroics, but not geared enough to be doing progression on the last of the raid bosses. Damn it.

And yes, pull my finger out and raid I hear the audience say – I’d love to. I really would. If Elegon and Emperor were melee friendly I might get a spot, but while we have raid team regulars I won’t be wasting sub-geared toon on progression fights unless I am filler. A range character on those fights can do more active switching, and a range who uses significant DoTs is probably going to do exceedingly well. Nobody likes being filler. Harrumph.

I think too that the broad expectation to stay geared by comparison to a 10 man raider is not reasonable. In fact if it was possible I’d wonder why bother raiding. This early in the expansion a very lucky or very dedicated person can be very far ahead, and a person with terrible luck can be well behind. I was hoping that luck and sweat might keep gearing levels closer for a while longer, and it was always a stretch. I cannot hold that position once Heroic raids are out, and it will be certainly harder once all the instances are open in a week or two. So many more opportunities for all players means the dedicated few will accelerate – perhaps this comes from misplaced jealously, or a want for what I cannot get (yet).

I did find a good resource at Wowhead – with a breakdown by source for loot for each clas/role. Saving that for later reading.

Happy Killing.

ps – Maint for 30 Oct is only an hour or so outage, starting from 10am PDT Tuesday, which for the Aussies is 4am on Wednesday morning. Yeehaw!