Angry about outdated loot rules

Angry. More Hallows Eve runs than I can shake a stick at, and I have more to do. I want that bloody rare helm. I want a Strength Ring. And I want to defenestrate the greedy bastards in Warcraft.

It is hardly 2005 when the behaviour of the community might have not been totally predictable.

Change the bloody rolls in Randoms, so that they mean what (I think) they should mean:

  • Main Role: valid for the role you joined in.
  • Alt Role: valid if you can use it.
  • Transmog: because you like pretty things.
  • Gold: because you are going to vendor it anyway, just give the character the cash.
  • Disenchant: because you’d like the mats.

Main gets priority, then Alt Role, then the other three are all at the same level. The use of the word Role will be a direct lever for teaching the idiots that they should not try to queue as one role and roll for loot for others.

OK, I understand that it might be too much to have 5 options in some runs, and that might confuse some of the soft brained screen-lickers, but to hell with them. Then take out transmog, that’s a shitty reason to roll against somebody and Alt would do in a push. It will likely only be 3-4 options, and if the game designers cannot find a way to impart that design graphically to communicate the level of consideration then they should not be designing interfaces for a living.


5 thoughts on “Angry about outdated loot rules

  1. What prevents someone from rolling “Alt Role” on everything that they can? They would automatically beat the three lower categories.

    That’s the real problem with multiple levels of rolling. In fact, people rolling Need when they don’t need to was the problem with LFR, as you recall.

  2. More categories doesn’t help. If people want an item, they’re going to roll as high as possible, regardless of their actual purpose for it.

    Main spec and off spec rolls are going to have to be given the same priority. If you want more tanks in your queue, you’re going to have to deal with DPSers running as tanks rolling on DPS gear.

  3. @prunetracy, The idea is that Main always out rolls Off, and a dps cannot roll on a Tank item. Some gear is shared, but I’ve been out rolled on clearly Tank items by dps, and vice versa.

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