Note to self – Stretch goal for gear is ilevel 470

My new long term stretch goal for gear is ilevel 470 as that is what is needed for the new LFRs soon. Well I did say stretch goal, meaning well beyond expectation.

I’m currently 462. Bugger. With a 437 trinket and 3x 450s on Head Shoulder, and Legs there is 4 items to be replaced.So if I make the trinket a 450 using the Dragonling, and then get 463s in the other three spots … then I’m still miles short, as each item boost is adding at best 1 point. This means that epic gear is really required in many slots to get to that item level.

Double bugger. Hopefully the Hallows End event will ramp with the Band of Petrified Pumpkin 463 ring up to 470. Oh, and the ring from the Final Klaxxi quest when you get Exalted, which is a 489 reward!

Ps. the required LFR item levels are:

  • Both Mogushan Vaults: 460
  • Heart of Fear: 470
  • Terrace of Endless Spring: 470

1 thought on “Note to self – Stretch goal for gear is ilevel 470

  1. To boost your ILvl, you can just switch the slot where you put your 489 ring (same thing with your highest ilevel trinket), so it will count as if you have the ring in both slots. Also don’t forget the epic boots you get from killing the Sha of anger world boss. The new raid will only be available the 6 november so until then you might get lucky with drops.

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