With 460 ilevel, now for LFR…

I finally got to average 460 ilevel last night just after midnight, and I’m now drooling for an LFR run. On the same night I was able to turn in the quest to make 3 magic tokens, to increase the loot chance. Getting to that gear level was totally random luck, with a Gloves from from SC heroic. I’m up to the bit where I enchant and gem the gear, which is expensive but really worth it.

Next challenge is explaining to my wife why I want to login on a non-wow night to do an LFR run, just because it resets today. That’s a tougher boss than Alganon when you’re wearing nothing except Northrend blues (ok, bad wife joke. sorry).

4 thoughts on “With 460 ilevel, now for LFR…

  1. There are heaps of gems in the guild bank and I can enchant anything you want at no cost (we have plenty of mats).

  2. Awesome Ram, thank you. I’ll hit you up for the enchants which my Warlock can’t do as yet. He’s 600 enchanting, but I have not grabbed any of the extra patterns yet.

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