Gearing can take a while for some

After a night of solid instance grinding I’ve added new Neck and Chest to my DK’s Dps set, and new Boots and Neck to his Tank set, all 463 ilevel. Frustratingly its added almost nothing in terms of getting to the ilevel for Raid Finder. I’m thinking of doing SM and SH specifically soon instead of doing randoms and just seeing what drops. There was a huge amount of gear that went to Greed in the past few runs.

I am very pleased to say that I didn’t have to Need roll over others, as the group of 5 I randomly found was excellent, and we repeat ran quite a few instances. It is alarming how much of a difference a good team will make.

Even though my luck was not there in terms of drops, I’d say the gearing is not slow. It took me a while, but that is not to say a player cannot gear quickly. In fact I’d say it is easy given gold and huge amounts of time to be well geared very quickly. If I had the time I’d just farm Motes of harmony and craft my way to some nice gear. Alas.