I submit, I submit. No more. I’ll do as you do. Need it is.

I’m very sick of players rolling need on gear in randoms when they should not. It happens all the time in random runs, but especially on the last boss’s loot. A player rolls need then quits group. Too long we’ve seen suggested options to rank up a /roll by a huge number based upon spec, to curb the greedy selfish players.

I’m sick of missing on loot due to rolling “properly”. The game does not enforce a system that makes sense to the roles we use to enter a random, so I feel like a man trying to hold back the tide.

You win you greedy bastards. I submit. I’ll do as you do and roll Need on everything from now on. Why should I be the only player following some sense of decorum and sanity?

Need it is. Always.

To hell with you all.

12 thoughts on “I submit, I submit. No more. I’ll do as you do. Need it is.

  1. Not sure if you’re a tank or DPS.

    However, if you’re a DPS, then get some conquest and buy the items from that as well, they’re functionally ilvl 483 PvE items with free PvP stats.

    On the main subject at hand, you aren’t the only player following some sense of decorum and sanity. As long as you keep doing it, that makes a minimum of two of us. Don’t sink to their level. Do find your own groups if you can and queue with them.

  2. I’ll see how repulsive it is rolling like a jackass. A rough estimate would be around 10x items that I should have won, but lost due to a Tank rolling on Dps gear. Given those upgrades my gear-set would be almost raid ready.
    It is frustrating.

  3. Agree with the aboves but I ll usually try to think that if my tank rolls on a dps item I needed its still better he signed up as a tank so I got a faster que ;-).

  4. One thing to keep in mind is that Blizzard completely shanked the stat weights for protection paladins. So if it’s paladins that are snaking pieces that you don’t think they should, keep in mind that the new Prot Paladin Stat Weights are this: Exp to soft cap> Hit to Cap> Expertise to Hard Cap> Mastery> HASTE> Dodge> Parry> Crit. So if it’s a piece that’s hit/haste or Mastery/Haste or something else that used to traditionally be a DPS piece, that Paladin’s probably rolling on a legitimate upgrade to their tanking set, Even pieces that are Expertise/Crit,if it’s got a lot of expertise can be attractive, because the expertise hard cap isn’t easy to hit early on.

  5. @Renaissance Man, my other idea is to start tanking and gather all the gear. As Exp/Hit is needed for all tanks and DKs can use Haste very well as mastery, then I’ll out roll others. And I get faster queues.

  6. Take the road less travelled & retain your integrity! Tim has been having a similar experience but with dps rolling on healing stuff :/ it’s why being a hunter is good – all gear is hunter gear 😉

  7. This makes me cry tears of forfeit.
    Don’t give up. Do the right thing. Confront lazy, greedy, or stupid people with what’s right. It’s not easy, but doing the right thing rarely is.
    Or you can always vote to kick!

  8. @Stubborn & Jez – I struggle with my anger when those greedy folks take gear, and its frequently after the last boss is killed which means a kick is irrelevant. I think that is a key part of the issue too – once there is no further role dependency teh internet f*ckwad theory comes into play.

  9. I am sorry to hear that you have to resort to “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” behaviour (not saying that Romans roll need on everything). I have to admit I try to go guild groups so I can avoid that sort of stuff. I feel no shame in rolling need on an item that I want as an offspec (or mainspec), and if the mainspec person has rolled as well, I ask them if they would like it because I only rolled need incase someone DE’d it and I could use it for offspec. So that way, you can avoid the guilt of having rolled need on everything you want, but still be nice enough to give it up for the mainspec who does need it – and they should be glad that it was YOU who rolled need and not some asshole who wouldn’t even think of giving it to them. Well, enough of me talking, I think.

  10. heya Navi – I have not needed to as yet, but it has taken some chatter and pressure to keep a few bastards honest. Tonight I plan to run a few more and hopefully I get teamed up with a great crew.

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