Where to farm Motes of Harmony?

If you have 200 of these things, you’ve cheated!

Motes of Harmony are the new shiny that we all need, and they drop randomly when you kill stuff. What I’ve seen is (obvious) that the greater your rate of kills and the easier the kill target, then the overall better rate of farming.

What I look for:

  • A spot where there are lots of mobs
  • Is safe-ish in case you need to go afk
  • Has a reasonable drop rate
  • Is not in the middle of nowhere

I found a few options:

Grindy, grind, mc-grind, grind. Happy killing.


5 thoughts on “Where to farm Motes of Harmony?

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  2. Hey Mort, had a pretty successfully grinding session for the motes last night, next time we’re on I’ll show you where but its on the Turtles in Valley of the Four Winds. Ended up with 70 motes from 2.5 hours which meant I could make my new Chest piece 🙂

    I think the drop rate works a bit like the PPM on enchants so killing lots at the same time works better then steadily killing mobs. By that I mean taking 10s to gather say 10 mobs and having them die same time is better then killing 1 mob every second.

  3. Heya Elvs – nice find. I’ll ping you to get a suss on why the proc method matters, as that seems odd – unless the proc triggers the spawn of them amongst the next N deaths, and as there are so many deaths it pings a lot? I’ll switch to Blood and farm a few.

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