What a few nights a week can do? A lot actually.


I’ve been happily playing through the Mists content with my Death Knight, and so far the questing has been excellent. I am now level 88 and getting close to the end of the second zone. By the level of the other players around me I get the impression that others are moving faster through the zones, and having rested XP might be a good cause for that – I am getting more xp per quest because I am generating more rested due to time not playing. Hey, not bad.

If given the choice I would be playing 16 hours a day and not in rested XP at all, but you can’t have everything. If I get to 90 without completing all the zones then I am sure I will get the opportunity over the next year or so to see them fully. Or I’ll complete them at max level and horde all the gold and drops.

The gear from questing is darn good – far better and specialised for the roles of a DK than any other expansion and this is by design. For some classes it might seem odd that they get given two dps options, but each of the plate melee classes/specs has slightly different needs for stats and this gives flexibility.

The Voice of the Deeps heroic two handed sword is ilevel 410 and still far better than any quest drop (at the moment). I guess that eventually I’ll see a weapon that is better, but so far the ilevel 415 greens and blues are not as good. VotD has a damage buff per mastery and the buff in mastery at for the gear above ilevel 400 is huge. I get the impression that it is not meant to be this good. I love it.

…and then last night…

I had the pleasure of playing for a prolonged period and was able to get through level 88 and I am now level 89. This was my stretch goal as I really wanted to get the dps and tanking trinkets from the Brewfest encounter before is ended.

After din’ing 89 I was fortunate enough to have a few guildies online who joined me in killing Direbrew a few times, and grabbed the dps trinket and one of the tanking trinkets.



3 thoughts on “What a few nights a week can do? A lot actually.

  1. Think the race is on between you an me Mort, who will get there last 🙂
    I’m the same can’t play heaps so just a few hours where I can but the advantage of having rested xp.

  2. I think you’ll win Elvs, as I won’t be online again now till Sunday and Monday night which is too long by half. I’m looking to skip ahead to the final 2 zones too, as the XP rewards are better, gear is better, and the monsters in the level 88 don’t hit hard enough to worry me much. I also like the idea of grinding through instances for gear now too, as some of the drops are much better too – I have a dps helmet of ilevel 450 now which finally upgraded the heroic gear.

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