Quick Tides of War book review

I’ve posted a review for Tides of War (on the non-wow blog) now that I finished the book. TLDR = 13/20, and less if you don’t care for lore, or dislike pulpy fantasy. The first and last chapters and basically be skipped for all the value they have for characterisation.


2 thoughts on “Quick Tides of War book review

  1. I quite liked the book, even though it was a bit silly at times. The reason I would give it a bit higher rating is that I appreciate how Golden made me care about a few of the characters. A few tears hit my Kindle durring the description of the aftermath of the mana bomb. I was somewhat shocked to find myself crying over a character written in a book about a freakin’ computer game.

    That said… because it’s a book about a freakin’ computer game, I guess I didn’t hold it to the same standards as other books. I wouldn’t recommend it to a non WoW-er.

  2. Golden as a writer has done work that is better, even one of the other wow books which I cant recall the title. I like her direct writing, but thought this novel moved jania too quickly through the emotions she encounters.

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