Brewfest 2012 Cheatnotes and Gear

Update: As a new level 89 with quest gear this encounter is tough. Expect to work for the kill rather than just fooling around like it has been in some years past.


I had the opportunity to roll need against a Tank for one the the tank trinkets, the really nice one for dodge – I didn’t. I’ll regret that later, but it would have been against all the loot-rants I’ve made.

Brewfest is on for players level 89 or 90 to complete, and the big appeal is the ilevel 470 gear that Direbrew will be dropping once he is killed. Admittedly I might struggle to get to 89 by then, but many players are 90 and bringing through their second characters to maximum at the moment. Raiders will want to be ready for this.

The fight mechanics have not changed from previous years, meaning that well geared level 90 characters can probably just tank and nuke, where level 89 under-geared players will need to worry about adds and the odd special stuns and barrels and effects in the fight. I expect most groups this year will not be over-geared, so be careful.

Keep reading after the jump for a fight cheat-sheet and gear dropped this year.

Fight Mechanics:

  • Tank
    • Pick-up Direbrew asap, hold threat through fight.
    • Pick-up small adds as they spawn to keep damage focused on yourself. Don’t stress too much about aggro from Direbrew’s wife when she spawns as she targets randomly.
    • You should use cooldowns to minimise the impact and urgency to the healers.
  • Dps
    • (under-geared group) Kill the Wife, Adds, then Boss in that order. This keeps the stuns and specials on the group to a minimum, and while the overall fight is longer it is easier to survive.
    • (over-geared) Kill Boss, ignore the rest, except maybe splash AoE damage on adds.
  • Heal – nothing special, heal all.
  • Everyone – You might be stunned or “barrelled” in the fight. Just get through it and use taunts, aggro dumps, and other “oh-shit” buttons to assist the team. As a fight when undergeared this encounter can be harder if players act selfishly (DUH!).

Gear drops from the encounter itself:

Gear from the goodie-bag (daily):