Theramore Scenario last thought

This is a quick post to share my last comment on Theramore before it ends soon and now that I have accepted it’s condition: Mechanically the Alliance scenario is fine.

If all other aspects of the content are ignored and I look only at speed, style, and mechanics of the battle itself – then it is what a scenario should be.

  • Some mini-bosses have abilities that lower geared players have to note, but a geared character can ignore. Positioning and effects matter, but are not critical.
  • You don’t have to concentrate on casters before soldiers, or use interrupts, but it makes it far better.
  • You don’t need to kill every npc in the place, and can avoid a large amount of battle.
  • It made me think that a speed run through a scenario is a good way to train up for a timed run Challenge Mode.
  • Something has changed so that the queue times are down to a handful of minutes from 20+. Excellent.

I hope we see a Fall of Theramore redux which improves the content and context.


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