Theramore down

My impressions for the Theramore scenario are not good. Frankly it was so underwhelming that I wasn’t sure what to think. From what I have seen in this one, the scenarios at level 90 had better have better introduction and lore aspects, and they better have a faster queue time than 20+ minutes for randoms. Fortunately there is some time for a few changes or tweaks.  I am happy to see lore than can be skipped like Arthas in Culling of Stratholme, but it should be there. The scenario did what it indicated for Alliance – Theramore gets destroyed, and we are there to help mop up the baddies, but the manner in which this is executed within the game is off.

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Impression of the Content:

  • Was this really the job for the heroes of the Alliance? A set of Stormwind’s finest guards might have achieved the same. There was no special mission feel, or battle against a clock.
  • Wrathgate was better.
  • Battle for the Undercity was far better.
  • Gnomeregan  mini-event was far better.
  • The old rescue marshal windsor in BRD, or rescue Thrall stepped instances were stronger in the lore.
  • The mini-area in Wrath where you fight on a floating Naxx-like structure in Borean Tundra was better in terms of introduction of what is to come.
  • Pick almost any aspect of the Worgen, Goblin, or DK starting zones and it is better.

Impression of the Context to the scenario:

  • Having to read a book to understand the content and perceive the context is a poor way to write a computer game.

Impression of the communication to the audience on what we’d get:

  • Many thought this scenario was a transition event for the expansion. I knew it was not, and did not expect that. I expect that to be delivered in the quest content in the actual expansion. It had better be there.
  • I think that had this scenario been previewed on the Betas the feedback would be the same. It was not shown due to apparently containing a spoiler, which actually hyped the scenario. Draw from that what you will about why it was not shown. I do not want to add too much fuel to that fire.

Impression on the mechanics of implementation.

  • Slow queue times have to improve.
  • No summary blurb on the in-game selection menu to select to queue up seems lacking. A simple voice over with the intro vid explaining where you are, or even doing a cheesy movie trailer style intro would help.
  • Tank and spank-ish fights are fine. Expecting a detailed 3 phase boss mechanic without a tank-heal-dps trinity is not reasonable. That worked.
  • Getting an empty package at the end it blindingly silly.
  • A thank you in the mailbox from an NPC for helping is a nice touch.

As much as I hate to grind on Blizzard for their product, in this case there is no other impression than it is lacking. I am very disappointed and finding that this has slightly deflated my excitement for the expansion. That is an unfair response to one small-ish aspect of the Warcraft game, but feelings are not rational and this felt stunted. Like a great idea poorly implemented.

I know from personal play experience in the Beta that the expansion offers far more than indicated from this, and I have hope that the diligence and passion which has gone into the MoP is higher and stronger consistently for the new content.

9 thoughts on “Theramore down

  1. I enjoyed the scenario but am definitely looking at it more from the perspective of “What can scenarios offer in the future”. When you start to look at it as a world event, that is when it starts to be a bit disappointing.

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  3. Okay, have just done the Alliance version of it rather than horde and this time not with any hordies. In fact with some very useless players so I basically had to solo it. As a blood DK it is EASILY soloable, that’s how undertuned it is and there is definitely no replayability. Sad.

  4. Finally got to play it last night. Although I loved the book (might be the best of all the warcraft novels), I firmly believe that one shouldn’t have to read a novel to experience the lore. It’s such a good story, and so many people died… one in particular sacrificed himself to save a bunch of lives. I thought the scenario was disrespectful to him.

    The goblin thing didn’t bug me because I already have a low opinion of them. What did bug me was rescuing Jaina at the end. AS IF she would have survived all of that and needed the three of us to beat up a few orcs for her.

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  6. Horde version is just as bad. No explanation of what’s going on. I was lucky because I read the book. But most people I ran with had no clue what was going on. Why we were attacking etc.

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