No Greg, you’re missing the point

GhostCrawler was asked for his impression of Theramore.

What’s your take on the Theramore event?

We did not do a great job on messaging. Players expected an event — but what we were really doing is giving players a preview of scenarios, there are a ton of scenarios coming in Mists of Pandaria. It’s saying “this is what scenarios are like”, they’re a new feature, a way to do content quickly, in a your lunch break, to get some more valor or gear.

I think players who understand that it’s a scenario preview are enjoying Theramore, while those expecting a world event aren’t. Players expecting a huge challenge aren’t going to find it in scenarios, challenge modes are more for those players.

You missed the point entirely. That response makes me furious.

I didn’t expect a launch event, I expected a scenario. i.e. A bloody short story.

Saying that is implying that we miss understood. Maybe if Blizzard had called not called them “Scenarios” but instead called them “Inconsequential zerg with no context” then I would have said yup, they nailed that.

If you think you did a poor job with messaging to the community about the scenario then please also note that you did a poor job in that interview answer as well. Or you really are not listening. C’mon GC redress the issue and improve the scenario. Taking one hit to make them all better is a reasonable approach.

  • Tragically poor story to begin with, as in:
    • despite having a gyphon force and a small standing army one airship got to Theramore unopposed and undiscovered.
    • Why Theramore? Oh, I know – go read the fracking book. Great work.
    • Jana’s reaction is reasonable, but you don’t get enough “screen time” for her to actually believe or absorb what impact this should have had.
  • Poorly handled:
    • a goblin makes a vapid joke and then destroys a city? I’d say the goblin’s line was straight from trade chat but it was missing an anal bomb joke.
    • our team are a mop-up crew and do nothing essentially heroic. 10x footmen could do what the characters do for the Alliance side.
  • no context

We could have just got a cut scene of this, as a mini-movie and been happier. At least a machinma might have given opportunity for communication of the story elements in a dignified manner.

The prize pack contains fireworks…seems an odd choice after a city is bombed. Even the Horde mana bomb aware is in in poor taste.

6 thoughts on “No Greg, you’re missing the point

  1. From the EU forums, which says it well –

    “Necroblade” – The scenario was lazily made, unoriginal, and no story to what’s going on for the Alliance side.

    It’s like as if the devs just threw something together in the last minute before it’s deadline. (I don’t know if that’s true, but it feels like it.)

    The idea behind Scenarios is good, but Blizzard got to work harder if it’s to be executed in a good way! I mean just look at all the plotholes.

    All the past pre-expansion events proves that you can do way better than this Blizzard.

    I’m still angry about this and its been hours later.

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  3. When I wasn’t confused, I was kiiiinda bored. I felt inspired to write poor haiku!

    The little bomb cinematic with the bad joke was probably the icing on the cake for me. Here’s this huge plot point that makes Jaina madder than a hornet, that’s so serious and traumatic, her hair turns white, that really starts the fight up again!!11oneone1. The scenario made it feel more like a “huh. That’s it?”

    I’ve only done it Hordeside. I had NO CLUE who I was killing. The captains? Who’re they? That grypon guy? He’s on a gryphon why, exactly? I did find the blood elf somewhat amusing (why yes, stay chained down there, I have other ideas), but that was about it.

    I’m a transmogger, so ITEMZ TEIM was a bit disappointing. I did manage to snag the golden circlet for my DK who wants to be a pretty pretty princess, but so far that’s all.

    Also, the queue time is that damn long? Really?

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  5. We did it Horde-side as well and when I noticed that you didn’t need a healer or a tank I knew it was going to be a “click here, run there, kill this guy” starter-quest deal.

  6. Not needing a role is a good thing for these, and I can say that having a Tank/Heal/dps makes them much easier. My DK was grouped with two random under geared Warlocks, and every fight sucked. Even in tank mode I found that some players just don’t adjust.

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