QQ on the queue for Theramore

My first observation on Theramore scenario – the queue system for random groups is odd. A few folk also observed this, and it really deserves an answer from a Blue. I waited for 20 minutes today to try and play, alas I had to logout before the invite.

My cynical mind thinks that something has been borked in the set-up, or perhaps the demand for the scenario is so much higher than expected, and higher than the server load can handle. Apparently pre-mades of 3 jump right in, so I’ll be looking for some guildies to play with tonight. Might also spam trade to get right in too, as funny as that will be.

LFG Theramore, geared DPS / Tank 390+, need any.

Wait and see I guess.

ps. I know this is a first world problem, thus the QQ.

Happy killing, TyphoonAndrew