Theramore’s Fall available early

Update: Community feedback seems to dislike the scenario, I’m waiting to play it (obviously) but I thought this was interesting:

By a player: Theramore scenario completely underwhelming compared to other pre expansion events. It’s Meh.
Blue Post: Was never meant to be a world event. It’s the first Scenario of the game. Tons more content coming next week!

So expect content in the launch, no real “expansion special event”.

I thought I had an extra few hours after the Tuesday maintenance, but Theramore’s Scenario is being released quickly. Go grab two mates and get smashing folks, as the first scenario it will be interesting to see just how these play and what they might indicate for regular activity for characters at level 90. It’s good that it is early as more folks will get to see it. You’ll need ilevel 353 to queue up.

I’m expecting a few “what a piss poor expac launch” comments – and it really remains to be seen. We also do not know what will “hit” when the expansion actually launches too. There is an argument to say that the expansion itself might not need a launch event if the content and play style is good enough in the quest zones. Interesting times.

Bashiok – For US servers it will be unlocked today in the afternoon.

I was also creating a quick guide for it too and had the darn thing half written, but by the time I get to play and then write I guess so many other walk throughs will be released.


7 thoughts on “Theramore’s Fall available early

  1. From what I’ve read, Blizzard announced very early on that there would be no launch event for Mists, as they couldn’t rationalise the time investment for 1-2 weeks of content. All this is, is a teaser of how scenarios will play.

    Personally, I just did it with a DK and a warrior, and did 80% of overall damage, but left scratching my head. It was an ‘interesting’ experience.

    I’m not going to spoil it for you though!

  2. Soooooooo jealous you’re playing it!
    From what I saw of the Horde part in the vids that were not meant to be released – there will be a huge stock of “wtf is going on here”. I am expecting to be hit sideways by the lore change, but am lost for what to expect.
    Also muffed that I won’t be online till Wednesday night now too, so lost a full day of play in a very short event (till level 90).
    I’ll say what I already have seen – the Horde one looked very short and easy; although I didn’t see the full thing.

  3. Well fark. When they announced the scenarios they were meant to be shorter than “instances” and I got the feeling that they were nudging the part of my brain that liked the 10 minute Instances in Wrath (ahh, how I loved a speed run through the bug kingdom).
    If you’re not pleased then I have a hunch that I might not like what I see either. Still want to play it though! Its the new toy.

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