In a friendly guild, who should get the Legendary?

Update: Apparently the tokens/widgets for the legendary quest will drop randomly and all members of the raid will get them (heard it from a guildie who is a voracious reader). This makes the drama and selection totally moot. Legendary for all. Mains, Alts, everyone gets a shiny orange item.

The Legendary item in Mists will be something that every class can get, and every player will want it on at least one character. It appears that the quest / story line will be at least worthy of significant effort, and that guilds will need to prioritize which characters are up for the rare drops first.

Once again a choice must be made. The degree of severity and scale of that choice unknown at the moment, and I’m assuming that the drops will be rare enough that selection to receive them will be something worth considering, much like the random Fragments in Ulduar. I doubt the tokens will be as rare as the Eye from Rag or the Bindings from Molten Core. If so we have a really rare adventure ahead. Instead I suspect that these will drop with a low-ish percentage, so that guilds will get enough of them to progress as they kill through a raid.

The following has a very large amount of my personal opinion and bias build in. After writing it I came around to one question which is perhaps the best question to ask:

If it cannot be yourself, who else would you wish it to go to first?

For our guild it is an important discussion topic – Who is the first among equals this time?

  • If a player has already been given preference for a Legendary with the guild, should they take a backseat?
  • Should every player who has already Legendary step down?
  • How do you measure the completionists who want everything, vs the dedicated few?
  • Who is more likely to stick at the quests and objectives?
  • Who will stay with the Guild in the long term, and keep playing the game?
  • Is it fair to say no to a player who is returning to the game after a break?
  • Who has contributed to the guild? And also to the Raid teams?
  • Should the GM, officers, or raid leaders get special preference? What message does this send?
  • Does a loot distribution system have any place in the assignment of the collectable tokens?
  • How does or should the culture of the guild affect the choices?
  • A player who knows that they might be casual soon, or have issues should not put themselves forward. It is not fair to the others.
  • The guild should plan to have a few “spare” people who are collecting them too, just in case one night the main person cannot attend.

This is more complicated than it first seems as personalities and passions are always involved. Some guidelines for how to rank players amongst each other are about the only way I can thing to suss it out mechanically. I’d suggest these considerations:

  • A player who is a regular raider gets higher priority than somebody who is not. This is because raiders will need to be present to complete it.
  • A player who has been attending solidly for the entire last expansion should be higher ranked than somebody who took breaks. If they are all solid attendees, then go back another expansion, then another.
  • A player who has previously had help from the guild to get a Legendary with the raid team / guild is lower priority than others, except where that conflicts with the dedication measures. This is because that person has had the effort and help before, and therefore they should now help others.
  • A new guildie is lower priority than an older guildie. This is because keeping the effort within the guild is valuable.
  • Officers, Raid Leaders and GMs should get preference over others, as they are doing more of the hard work behind the scenes. That said, this point of differentiation is more of a deadlock breaker between players that an absolute first measure.
  • People who contribute to the guild in other “soft” ways should be considered over those who do not. Again, this is about rewarding those who help others.
  • The raiders and core guild members should have more choice about the final person than new players and social members.
  • Low drama people before high drama people. But then who ever thinks they are high maintenance, so this is a hard one.
  • The player needs to stay on the one character, as there is little point in resetting the collection. I know that is bloody obvious, but you’d hate for it to happen.
  • If the player cannot get a character to max level (the new 90) in a reasonable time, but not stupidly quick, then they are ranked lower. There is no point ranking somebody highly, then waiting an extra 4-6 weeks for them to catch-up.

Perhaps an algorithm or ballot might be needed too? Here are some odd methods as suggestions, but note that the only ones I really like is Officer or Unselfish Ballot.

Dictator Method:

  • The GM picks somebody. Suck it up princess. They might ask the guild; or not.
  • If you are picked and are not capable, then you’d better say so at the start.

Officer assigned:

  • As above, but the officers generally agree on who it is.

Draw from a Hat:

  • Get everyone who is in reasonable competition and /roll for it. Seems like a terrible way to make a choice, but if two players are essentially the same this is probably a good way to resolve it if they cannot between themselves.
  • It would always be better to have the two folks decide themselves.

Aussie Ballot Method:

  • After writing out the names of the players who rank highly on the criteria above, pick the top 3-5 players.
  • Each member who is considered to have enough weight to vote then votes ranking their choices from 1-5.
  • The person with the best votes (in this case the lowest number) wins. In the event of a tie, look at how the were ranked in terms of second preference.

Unselfish Ballot

  • Each member votes on a shortlist of folks. Shortlist should be basically obvious.
  • You cannot vote for yourself.
  • Most votes wins.

Algorithm Method:

For the following a ranks 1 is highest/best. Assign a number to each person based upon how they score. The numbers are totally subjective, alter them to suit the style and opinion you have on the process. This example is so heavily weighted toward the officers and GM in the regular raid team that for our guild we are really talking about one of three people, all of whom are basically ranked the same.

  • Guild Contribution Rank: Contributes regularly (1), Infrequently (2), Not at all (4)
  • Guild Rank: GM (1), Officer/Raid lead (2), Member (3)
  • Guild Longevity: With the guild a long time (1), Joined this expansion (2), Very recently joined (3)
  • Regular Raider: Solid core (1), Reliable (2), Casual (5), Not a raider (7)
  • Legendary goal: Never had one (1), Has had any Legendary before (2)
  • Legendary with Guild: Never with the guild & raid (1), Has had help before (3)


  • First guildie to collect X number of strange and unusual items wins. eg. Collect 10x Trophy Raptor Skulls, 2x Drinking Skull Caps, 30x Dissolved Skulls.
  • Best poem ode to Epic Loots.
  • To the highest bidder, min bid gold 100k, in increments of 20k. Very goblin like. Gold goes to the guild bank.

As you can see, its complicated – especially when trying to be “fair” and not “greedy”. To be frank, any system will not be perfect, I actually think that a discussion between the leadership is what is needed. Putting a voice up, stepping up, and making the huge commitment is what is needed.

Thrash it out till you only have one or two real choices, then get them to decide. If they cannot because they both want it so much, and they can’t decide or step aside then you were always in for a horrible fight.

One other aspect that I thought of was the idea of using punitive negative penalties for those who attempt, but then fail. I dislike it as a concept, but can’t help but wonder what effect a little “negative incentive” might have on how folks behave.

Posting Bail.

  • Require a 25-75k or more gold deposit (or some other thing of huge value) on placing your name in the selection for the Legendary. I’ve never seen a Legendary that did not require some hard cash and pain, so having to throw in some real gold as commitment is appealing. Obviously the amount might be high or low depending on who you are. And NO, no borrowing from the guild bank. Sheesh.
  • All deposits are refunded to all players when the Legendary is finally crafted, and the deposit process begins again.

50 DKP Minus.

  • A player who starts then stops is penalised one-to-one for every drop they have received. This way they will never get a drop while others are trying to upgrade. Perhaps something like this is for alts vs mains too? Heh, too harsh by half.

Three Strikes, You’re Out.

  • Failure to attend 3x raids (or whatever number chosen) where a token drops gets the person removed from the list. It might be two consecutive, or 5 drops, or some other measure to indicate that the player cannot keep the pace going.
  • Forgiveness in these circumstances is something I’d offer too.

I want that Legendary, but am not in the same rush as I once might have been since I have two already. It’s not that I don’t want it, its that there is no special lore as there is with Thunderfury and The Hand of Rag, and I also know that given time and effort I’ll get it.

Eventually. Happy hunting.


2 thoughts on “In a friendly guild, who should get the Legendary?

  1. All I can say is we have almost always got it wrong, across 2 guilds and 7 years. Part of the issue is many players see it as the capstone to their play time. They have achieved it all, its a good time to quit or take a break because after all the next tier can’t possibly be as good.

  2. @Ngita, So is it more an issue of the personalities? Tricky. I’d tend to think that the next stuff is potentially even better than the old/current. The game feels that way to me.

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