These Heirlooms smell Monky

I love heirloom gear and Psynister has noted that we have some heirloom legs on the way for characters. Booya!

These new leg items are effective right up to level 85, which is no benefit for my plate wearers, but a huge deal for the alts and Monks that will be scraping XP from every mob, rock, and flower. The legs have a guild achievement to be unlocked (each profession at 600 in the guild) before they can be purchased, and that achievement is not possible to complete until MoP is released.

As an extra note he’s also got some details on the new Monk staff heirloom too – the Burnished Warden Staff. It’s a staff built for Agility dps and tanks, which smells like Monk to me. It is also available from the vendors as of patch 5.0.4 – its in game folks. It appears to only be useful up to level 80 though, and imho its darn ugly. An Obsidium Bladespear might be nicer looking for levels 80+.

All I need now is a sufficiently clever Panda Monk name… Great work Psy!

(edited to fix some errors in the information, thank you to Gen and Bristal for the comments)


5 thoughts on “These Heirlooms smell Monky

  1. The staff does look pretty crappy, I’ll give you that. You can still mog it though, right? I haven’t played in a while so I don’t know what other restrictions they might have put in place, but as far as I know you should still be able to change the look so long as you do it on the monk themselves as mail will strip it away.

    They did make the weapon only viable up to level 80 to match all of the others that already exist. I was hoping they would get an upgrade with MoP, but I guess that was too much to ask. Ah well, can’t win them all.

  2. “…they require your guild to have gotten the “Working Better As a Team” achievement which is getting every profession leveled up to 600 skill level, which won’t be possible until MoP launches.”

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