a sufficiently clever Panda Monk name

I’m terrible at creating clever character names, and the challenge of creating a spiffy Monk name for my Pandaren is doing my head in. I went looking at the big wiki list of fictional bears, but it didn’t help. Frankly I think I’ll give up and call it something odd and not used, and unrelated to a meme.

And so from around the internet I’ve seen some good ones: Brewslee, Tonypanda, Jackiepan, Bearhanded, Honeybadger, Fubear, Wotwentwong, Fumanpooh, Pandozer, Thelonious, Dancingbear (all via mmo-champion).

I’m especially looking forward to all the silly ones. I suspect some snarky sort will also create a Pandaren Monk called AarthasDKz too, just to be ironic.

Oh here is some: Furbyfestish, Bipolarbear. See I told you I suck at this.

7 thoughts on “a sufficiently clever Panda Monk name

  1. OMG mine the the BEST EVER!! (And I’ve already nabbed it, so mwahahaha).

    It’s gonna be a chicky panda monk, and her name is…. PANDONKADONK!

    *big cheesy grin*

    Can’t wait for all the comments in guild the day I roll her for real!

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