Tears over Tier Tokens

Wintergrasp Offensive

Death Knights waiting for a token not shared with bloody Mages or Druids.

Because of a Guild Officer’s meeting I was pondering the loot tables, gear distribution systems, and the associated mods that raiders use. Of course the loot reward system was discussed, and we once again chatted about all sorts of options. Silly ones, great ones, in an ideal world, and also very much in the world we have to play in. That might make it sound like I didn’t want to chatter about it; not so. In fact we’re pondering all sorts of useful stuff for the teams, and considering carefully what the game will feel like in WoW version 5.1+. The question that came to my mind outside of those discussion was:

What if the tier tokens were made universal for all classes?

I suggest removing them, and making them just “shoulder token” or “helm token” with no class restriction. And here is why:

  • Essentially most raiding guilds have loot policies and systems to handle gear distribution. Therefore the token is adding a layer of restriction which is actually inhibiting the guild’s progression, because it limits options.
  • Some groups have actually implemented separate bid lists or systems specifically fro tier gear, due to the importance it has on the character and raid. Well no change there one way or the other, only that the skew of classes in your raid group will be affected by the random token that drops. i.e. Good luck being a geared Shaman if you rarely see that token drop.
  • Random LFR runs now have no loot need/greed anymore. You either get look or you do not. The token is moot now in LFR.
  • The tokens have the positive change of allowing a character rewarded with one a choice on what particular item they choose from the vendor. This is a huge positive as it means that classes can pick the best gear. Druids for example can pick any of their types of gear fro one token. No change as either an advantage or disadvantage here.
  • The tokens helped when you didn’t want to compete against everyone in the raid for loot, which gave an illusory feeling of hope. But once again that is a mechanic which raiders can handle. It still comes down to which Token dropped, and then who you roll against. So essentially is a two step random process (which token, then roll against other classes) better than a one step random process (what was your loot roll)?
  • The tokens at times were useless due to not having enough of a class range, or they could not benefit the raid the most. Huge problem, just ask anyone doing Wintergrasp, et al.
  • The only situation where these have some limited value as implemented now is for pug runs which are not in the LFR system, and that is only because they keep the illusion of two random events alive. That is a thin line.

So there it is. I can’t see a reason to keep them anymore.

5 thoughts on “Tears over Tier Tokens

  1. Well in my opinion, the removal of the class restriction on the tokens would also remove some of the hoping and enjoyment when killing a boss. Now you hope for “your” token to drop. In the future you know, after X Kills Item Y is mine.

    The actual system, token for 3-4 classes has some RNG and at the same time, most of the loot is used.

  2. @christoph – my 10m group had 6 people rolling on one token, 3 on the second, and the (goddamn) holy pally all by himself on the third. He had all 3 sets before some people had their main spec 4pc bonus. I like the no class restriction idea 🙂

    As a side note on RNG, the healing shield never dropped for us. Not once. Almost every week the tank shield dropped; our tanking team was a dk and bear. I didn’t even roll the shield out, just kept giving it to the (goddamn) holy pally 😀

  3. It’s been done before in WoW. I think ToGC had this system. The main issue is that loot becomes very unsurprising, and a little bit boring. You know exactly when you will get your token.

    As well, most guilds will assign tokens first to tanks, then to healers, and only then to the DPS. So the DPS have to wait in the back of the line. Now, there’s still a little of that going on with the current system, but it tends to be mitigated by the different types.

    However, I do agree with you that it’s a little unnecessary for LFR. But at the same time, you can’t get a token you can’t use, so the fact that LFR drops different tokens is unimportant to you.

  4. @Gorbag, I feel your pain – a long time ago I played through Karazhan so many times hunting for a specific shield, and never saw it until we were done with that content. Months later it was bittersweet.

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