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The new loot system gives an approx 15% chance to each participant to get loot. The “community” is happy, delighted, excited, angry, whingy, upset, and everything else.

Zarhym – The new system won’t have a record of your loot history or check your inventory. In your example, Bob might win the same item off of the boss every week (assuming he’s running as the same spec each time).

The only thing the system looks at is 1) if you are eligible for loot (have you killed this guy already this week?), and 2) what your current spec is.

It does not favour your current gear. It looks at the roll to see if you win something, and then gives a random item based upon your spec. This means that folks might have a slightly higher chance to get anything because you are not competing against the need/greed rolls of others; and the system cannot be gamed. Previously the system could be spun to try to get a specific item to a toon, or share an item between characters in the LFR.

It is as positive as it is negative, and it is designed to get rid of the selfish drama of need/greed. It introduces a new set of drama, as people get items they already have, or do not want.

Overall I think this is better because the asshats can’t spike my rolls.

Spectral Tiger loot cardThat one perfect item was a snowball’s chance in hell anyway – so what really changed except dumb luck not being influenced by other players? Nothing. LFR remains a once a week random small chance to get a better item, and a source of Valor/Justice points, and I’m fine with that.

My suggestion would be to alter the drop so that I am less likely to get an item I already have in bags, equipped, or banked. This favours removing unneeded gear, and means that each run will be more rewarding. I guess too that too many people have such a wide variety of wishlists when it comes to loot (for main, offspec, transmog, vendor) that anything except a basic approach will crate a whinge fest. Checking this at time of award is potentially a hassle which is perhaps why such an obvious tweak was not done.It will however be an irritation to people looking for two of the same weapon for dual wield or for dual specs.

The new system looks to be a quick and dirty solution to loot distribution in random groups, and I am confident that over time a better set of tweaks will be added; later rather than sooner.

(Ps. I’ve written heaps on gear, and a fair amount on new rules that would be handy).

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  1. My suggestion would be to alter the drop so that I am less likely to get an item I already have in bags, equipped, or banked.

    Two issues with this. First, it is slower. Right now the only data you need is player spec and boss loot table. So loot can be resolved fairly fast. I don’t know much slower it would be, but it would be slower.

    Second, there are people who want duplicates. People dual-wielding (warrior with TG). Or people who just like making multiple sets of armor, maybe reforging in different ways. If you removed the ability to get duplicates, those people will be unhappy.

    Basically, the current solution is the simplest. Let it shake out over a tier, and see if duplicates are a significant problem or just something we can live with.

  2. I think I mentioned the dual wield and speed in the post too, and for now its simple enough to be a worth while change. That said, more could be done across the game to reduce drama. Role based priority in 5 mans for example would assist.

  3. I follow quite a few blogs and yours is the firthere discuss the new system.

    I’m primarily a solo LFR player. I hated when people would need on any gear they could to trade for gear they needed, or to give to a friend.

    That said, I hate the new system worse. I’ve run 2 weeks and have gotten one crappy drop. at least with the old system I could see all the loot that dropped and could lament that I didn’t win when Vashanka finally dropped. It has totally changed the feel of raiding that I can’t see all the loot that drops. It’s just wrong.

    Also, at least the loot drama created some reason for LFRers to communicate. Now it’s just painfully quiet and empty.

    It’s a big fail for me.

  4. I think you can use a /loot command to see the loot drops. Might be worth trying if you have that need to see what you’ve not got a chance to get.
    As for communication, well I don’t really credit LFR as having many conversations which are noteworthy. Strat banter mid fight, and whinging about other players is what I’ve seen; and the obligatory loot wankery. The wankery has changed slightly, but is the same.

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  6. to clarify, in LFR the /loot command does not work, so you’ll get what you get, and no visibility unless folks share what they might have got. Having played through a number now I can understand why its frustrating, but I can’t say I got less loot than before.

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