PAX Downunder might be a thing

The Penny Arcade guys (gods among men, and funny bastards) might be planning a PAX in Australia, perhaps sometime in 2013. As an aussie I’m stoked with that idea. Now what on earth is PAX and why be excited? Well its a huge geek-game con organised by geek-gamers. By fans, for fans.

And we even get a comic about it. Its a drug designed specifically for my kind of people.

Yes, the comic is ref’ed from their website, and if you find anything at all great about it then PA is likely to entertain every day. It’s worth of geek speak: Teh Awesomer!

(Edit: The target city should be Melbourne people! We spend more time indoors, have better coffee, have better bars, and you’re less likely to be grilled by a petrol head. Its funny to think that Aussie cities might turn on one another to get a PAX expo, but getting in first seemed appropriate)

6 thoughts on “PAX Downunder might be a thing

  1. One of my American friends who was at PAX last weekend told me this news and woohooo how exciting! I would most definitely be keen to attend – I call meet up! 😀

  2. Yes, for certain, a meetup is a great idea.
    I’m a bit suss that this might take place in Sydney or QLD instead of Melbourne – despite the fact that we spend more time indoors and have better coffee.

  3. Apparently they had signed the paperwork to get the ball rolling less than a week before PAX Prime. I wasn’t at the announcement (I was off doing other PAX-y things, like the expo hall), but a pair of my friends were at the panel when they announced it. It’s pretty much a sure thing, we just don’t know when.

    Judging on timing and how long it took to get PAX East set up from conception, I imagine we’ll see PAX AU sometime in 2014.

  4. Woah! It has to be Melbourne. Just has to be. Sydney? Pshaw! Far too cool for school. Melb is the geek capital of Australia!

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