More…MoP Tools

I found a few more tools that are handy for wow players, which extend the list from just class planning and include some of the consistently good player tools external to the game.

  • Noxxic Guides, which are an alternate to the Icy Veins guides.
  • WoW Heroes, which is a respectable profile tool for your character that will recommend changes to get you to a best in slot setup.
  • World of Logs (for raiders), so you can compare fights to see which was better or worse.
  • Blizzard’s Armory (duh)
  • WoW Wiki, which is good for the pages on Hit and Expertise caps and other such stuff. When updated these are good for plain language explanations.

It is a meta-question for what resources to include which might be too focused, or instead overly well known. I think I’ll have a beer and ponder that today.


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