Started update, gone fishing…

I got up on Wednesday morning (Australian time) and started the World of Warcraft update. Like many folks I had to kick the updater in the guts a few times (started multiple times) so that it would work.

Then I saw the updating file message and was frustrated that after 20 minutes it had not moved from 0%. What in hell?

So rather than staring at the screen, I went to work. I don’t know how long it took, but the game tells me that its done and its 6 hours later. I won’t login until after I get home, eat, say happy things to the family, and then maybe eat more.

Would have been nice to see this start when patch started, but really has zero effect on my gameplay. I’m pleased that the Theramore event is not starting day one of patch 5 either, as I’d be feeling like the delay/outage/issues might rally create a backlash. As it stands now I’ll just read about it.

I was also very confused by the game loader when it replaced the Cata branding with Mists branding. That is silly – I have not purchased Mists as yet so why show me the title? Anyway I’m happy that it should be ready when I am.


2 thoughts on “Started update, gone fishing…

  1. Um, the fact that you haven’t bought it isn’t a good enough reason to show it to you each time you log in? Not to mention the fact that in a month most subscribers will be playing in that expansion, and many players do not live in the gaming blogosphere and don’t know release dates the instant they are announced.

    I started playing WoW in 2008 with the Battle Chest. Played about 10 hours a week levelling, didn’t realize for 7 months that most players were in Outland. I had never even upgraded my account to BC because it was never obvious to do so. I hadn’t reached 60 yet, and I played solo.

    May seem unbelievable that some players don’t know exactly what’s going on, but there are many that don’t. There were many people in /trade yesterday shocked that they had to respec.

    And as much as I knew about it from reading blogs, it was not easy for me to find official patch notes. The real complaint should be, why don’t they make expansions and patches more visible and obvious to find simple FAQs?

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