Cheeky Upgrade option in Character Screen

Those cheeky fellows working in Blizzard have plonked an ad for Mists of Pandaria in the character screen you see after login.

It is not subtle or unreasonable, and after my initial reaction of “what the f?” I considered using that to purchase my upgrade.

It makes me ponder if we will see character customisation, race change, name change and such in that screen too. Heck it would even be handy to be able to buy month-by-month time as well. The user is logged in, so might benefit from it. All the special offers for pets and such could be there too.

Are you pondering that already Activision?

4 thoughts on “Cheeky Upgrade option in Character Screen

  1. It seems like putting adds on a character selection screen seems a bit out of place for a game with a 15$ subscription. I understand promoting it on the launcher, since that’s the spot where you’re suppose to put news and announcements, but not anywhere within the game itself.

  2. There is a nit-picky argument to say that the load screen is not “in-game”, but given I was taken back by seeing it – perception will prove hard to control if that goes much further. For the MoP update though, I think its ok.

  3. I can’t believe how difficult it is finding features like appearance changes, server transfers, and even expansion upgrades. Why don’t they have all that stuff on the log in screen for crying out loud?

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