Paid mobile services go free

The Mobile Armory guild chat and AH features are now free. Holy crap. Awesome!

Why do this? Giving it away free adds another “feature” which other MMOs will be compared with. These options are not something that I’d pay for, but I will certainly use infrequently if they are free to use. It also makes it far easier to update guildies on what is going on.Its based on retaining and increasing the value offering of WoW against other games which will compete with Mists of Panda-randa-mania.

Fantastic news, cute toy, and nice option.

Starting today, all of the features that were previously part of the optional World of Warcraft Remote subscription service are now available for free to all World of Warcraft subscribers. These features include:

Remote Guild Chat – Stay in touch with your guildmates on the go using your mobile phone.

Remote Auction House – Bid on items, create auctions, and collect gold via your mobile device or through the official World of Warcraft website.

We hope this change will make it easier for players to stay connected to each other and to the game, and we encourage everyone to try out these powerful tools for themselves.

Blizzard Ref: Mobile Armory Guild Chat and Auction House Features Now Free – World of Warcraft.

5 thoughts on “Paid mobile services go free

  1. Suhweeeet! One handed iphone based auctioneering has just become an option while looking after bubs haha!

  2. Could be other reasons too… /use [Tinfoil Hat]:
    (a) give it away free so that support quality can drop, and reduce staff costs. (b) stage two will push notify to us on other events, promos (c) give away free to increase % of installations, then add new paid service and mini-games which are fee based.

  3. To your first comment: Ahahaha indeed. Your [Tinfoil hat] clearly has impressive stats. To your second comment: boo 😦

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