Crowd-source the WoW movie?


The Mists cinematic is once again a demonstration that the cinematic team at Blizzard can really deliver. It is a shame that they cannot be funded to create a longer movie. A short, mini-movie, or some such would be very popular in the community. Heck, get ’em to create the full length film; except for the massive team size needed and colossal cost to do so.

But then, why not have the thing partially or totally crowd / community funded?

Is it silly to think that folks might pre-pay for good digital film content? Even if that payment was fundamentally considered a gamble, or at worst a gift?

I’d put a small stake into a kickstarter to fund it. Call it a donation toward something different. Heck, call it a waste of money if you like, that would not be a first or last as far as games and movie go. With a few in-game or special art items as incentive you’d have a totally new way of funding the work too. Really spin the bucks by offering a custom tailored items for the angel investors.

Too commercial? Maybe. Too much product placement? Not compared to some of the rubbish we already see in cinema.

That team have delivered many outstanding cinematic. I’d love to see what they could produce.


One alt down, four to go

I’m on a leveling mission: Get each of my toons to the highest level possible before the expansion.

I recently ding’ed 85 on my Warlock – Arkham, which is the second character I ever rolled in World of Warcraft. Now I move onto the remaining four: Priest, Mage, Rogue, and Shaman. For leveling I am using only dps style, and only infrequently doing the 5-man dungeons. As while I know the Dungeons are fantastic for gear and XP, I cannot commit to playing very long due to kiddlet interruptions. I don’t want to be that guy, who goes AFK for ages and needs to be kicked from the team.

As far as the Warlock goes the updates for the class in Mists of Pandaria look very appealing from a cosmetic perspective. It is tempting to fusk around and see if they still play as ruthlessly as they did in The Burning Crusade.

Next highest character is the Shadow Priest at level 81, which I created toward the end of TBC and has almost (a brief journey into Ulduar) always been an alt for Alchemy and Herbalism. Yeirah, you’re up. Get to the face-melting.