Great things in the wow blogger community

Meeting up with friends is a big part of why I play MMO games, and on a lazy Sunday afternoon I had a new experience within the blogging community, where fellow bloggers reached out and said hello.

It started when an odd whisper arrived from a toon named Miniices. For the most part I don’t mind odd whispers, but I am wary of the gold beggars and time wasters who frequent the mailboxes and dancing poles. Sometimes I’m short with people because the waste time.

This was absolutely nothing like that, in fact it was the total opposite. There is a great blogger named Navimie, from The Daily Frostwolf and she collects bloggers by way of NaviSpam. Her style is to contact a blogger and get screen-caps and have discussion with them. I am honored that she wished to chat and get some screenshots with me.

How awesome is that! I am very chuffed.

Apparently because I’m hopping around between too many alts, I was a little tricky to find (heh 6x85s). Clever Navi send a message to our GM named Genowen (who is aka The Untamed Hellcat) and Gen assisted her by pointing out that I was fooling around on my Paladin named Diamon at the time; and then joined us for the meetup too.

We met, chatted, and then the obligatory screenshots began, and it was all dancing fun from there on. I can’t say I didn’t laugh seeing a Tauren, Blood Elf, Night Elf and Draenei /bow’ing, /cheer’ing and generally being silly with each other.

As we chatted and flew around we were joined by Dragonray from Azerothian Life which is another blog that I really enjoy. So there were four keen wow’ers having a catch-up beneath the warm glow of the Shattrath crystals-guys.

The girls got to chatting, but having a four month old child meant that I could not stay and banter with them. The experience has left me feeling impressed and happy. Meeting new folks is good, meeting new people where the respect and admiration is mutual is fantastic.


5 thoughts on “Great things in the wow blogger community

  1. I still maintain best method of child control if ducktaping them to a wall. I will try it one day if I am ever cursed enough to have kids 🙂

    I had to laugh when Navi asked me if I knew you because you were one of the first blogs I started reading when I began venturing out into the blogosphere…I have no idea how I stumbled across you.

    I think it is fantastic that she is doing it though, it is opening so many doors for people 😀 Maybe I should leave my alliance and move it to the same server? heheh

  2. Well I moved into their guild! And I knew you KNEW him, he’s on your blogroll I just wasn’t sure if you had the same OMG OMG IT’S TYPHOON ANDREW like you get with JD, Kamalia and Akabeko. But he is pretty funky famous 🙂 He thought he was chuffed? He shoulda seen ME.

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