MoP Cinematic

I really liked it. Excellent quality animation, decent sound. Nice and fast combat, heavy use of mists and environments, and a few ultra-powerful combat moves which you’d expect characters to have. The panoramic views of the island were good too. Overall very well executed.

One niggle point – no way you go from trying to kill an orc to then handing them a weapon.

It reeks of a flavour which is cool to see in a hype-up video – as if the orc and human are Tango and Cash now confronted why something really odd, but perhaps the rivalry and hatred which appears to return in MoP should have been maintained in the video. Give the tension of getting their heads rattled to the orc and human, but they should not be idly standing side by side. I mean at least they still shove or swing at each other, while keeping an eye on the Monk. This is not “an enemy of my enemy” scenario. If I understand a little of the backdrop story in Mists of Pandaria, the Horde and Alliance are returning to truly hating each other. If so, then show us that hatred. Give the orc the spear…right through the front of his chest.


8 thoughts on “MoP Cinematic

  1. I really enjoyed it too! I like the little moments of humour to balance the whole ‘totes epic’ feel. Great animation, Blizz – you’ve come a long way baby πŸ™‚

  2. Kill’em both and make Jana lead the A team, and the troll leader lead the Horde.
    I’m a little sick of Thrall, Varian, Garosh, etc. Especially Thrall, he is such an over used character.

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