Slabhide Mount Grinding

As a very casual World of Warcraft player something that I can do in the wee small hours is grind for the strange and rare items. One of those is the very rare mount from the dragon Slabhide in Stonecore – called the Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake. It is another 1% ish drop, but this is farmable by a small team on Normal mode, or can be solo’ed by Death Knights (as well as some other classes I’m sure).



Mistakenly used the wrong internet dragon pic originally

So far I’ve tried this once, and it’s now one of the silly things I’ll be grinding when I need something to do and the Darkmoon Fair is not in town. I’ll probably never see it, but its good to have goals.


8 thoughts on “Slabhide Mount Grinding

  1. I’ll just go ahead and take credit for that idea πŸ˜›

    Do you think Bliz will make it drop only in heroic when MoP comes out?

  2. Yup, all credit to you Sal. I’ll need some luck too – hopefully it stays on Normal. I suppose at 90 though the H-mode might still be soloable.

  3. I realised that its Normal mode today, which means no lock-out each day. It can be run 50 times a day if you have the time and something to do between the instance locks.

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