MoP streamlines enchanting rods

quick repost thoughts – MoP might bring simplified enchanting rods – nice, good idea. But hey, how about giving the upgraded versions that many characters already have some extra tweak or benefit? Like:

  • Slightly faster actions according to the level of the rod?
  • A different colour when enchanting and disenchanting?
  • Or just a decent vender value.

…the rod structure will change in Mists of Pandaria. Over the course of the last few Mists beta patches, the developers have been combing through enchanting and reducing the rod requirements across the board; it appears that the only rod you will need to perform any and every enchant is the first one, the Runed Copper Rod.

Ref: Mists of Pandaria streamlines enchanting rods.


One thought on “MoP streamlines enchanting rods

  1. The rod thing never made much sense to me. Seems a strange system… just something to take up bag space. Without looking it up, I couldn’t figure out which ones I needed to keep…. and people were trading them anyway. I didn’t make rods, I just got them from someone else.

    There are other things that are just bag-fillers. Alchemist stones, mining picks… I understand that in RL you should use a tool to get minerals out of rock, and that it would be unrealistic to not need one… but I don’t need a gardening hoe to get herbs.

    How about things like Engineering tool box? Why can’t they make our 32-slot engineering bag the ‘tool box’? (same could be said for jewel kit or whatever it is those guys have)

    Whatever changes they make to profs that can get this junk out of our bags is very welcome by me.

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