Whine about Bindings of the Windseeker

As part of the ongoing addiction to repetition – I’ve been farming for the Bindings of the Windseeker, which are the rare drop parts of Thunderfury. Actually I’ve been farming it ever since a mate was, and I went along to make the fight go easier. After seeing that I could smash the bosses solo, I decided that it was time, and since then it has been a very long time in farming. This post is a dummy spit to share the frustration of a small drop rate item. /spit.

Baron Geddon seems to know when my DK enters Molten Core and he throws away anything useful, especially the Binding. I even checked recently that I was killing the correct boss, as it seemed impossible to still be missing the drop. Not impossible, just unlucky. One day I’ll have Thunderfury, one day.

It would be great to experience the lore of the Thunderfury creation. I still have a sense of satisfaction from having the original Hand of Rag legendary, and while greedy – Thunderfury is another of the iconic in-game weapons.

It started me thinking about effort vs reward in loot, and how the detail of that discussion really changes depending on the activity and the history.

  • For Legendary items and drop rates – I’d prefer (despite this whine) that they stayed bloody hard to get. Nigh on impossible is how a Legendary should be.
  • For Non-Random Raids – Do everything possible to facilitate the raid leaders having total loot control. Total. It then becomes the Loot Master’s job and the raid team’s policies to resolve.
  • For Random Raids (LFR) – As each boss will still have a loot table of items it is important that the gear from that table which drops is as useful as possible to people in the raid. At the very least don’t drop class junk that cannot be used. At best I’d like to see tokens or shards acquired for a kill, and allow 25 of them to be turn in for an item from that table. 25 kills is more than enough for 1 loot item.
  • For Random Dungeons (LFG) – as per LFR.

When I didn’t see the drop last night I almost screamed out loud. Ah well, there will always be next week.