Does 300 more MoP beta keyss mean launch soon?

Blizzard LogoMMO Champion are throwing around 300 more beta keys, and given the amount of keys already out there, plus the annual pass millions – I’d say they are getting bloody close to closing the beta and giving a release date.

So does 300×3 more MoP beta key mean we’re getting a launch date soon?

I think so, but I have no evidence at all. My fervor is directly proportional to my desire to see the date. It cannot be so long now. ComicCon can end without an announcement date, but if not soon then I think Blizzard are really stretching time.

Does anyone who wants a key not already have one?

Via MMO-Champion.

3 thoughts on “Does 300 more MoP beta keyss mean launch soon?

  1. yeah ive been unlucky with all kind of beta invs lol. Playing wow since the 1st day and i never ever got a beta inv, my luck! haha
    So YES, i would love to get a beta key from someone who has one to spare so i could try out the beta content as well ! 🙂 would be amazing

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