A Game of Thrones MMO

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Just announced is “The Seven Kingdoms”, a free to play browser based MMO based upon the Game of Thrones setting is in development. I get why, but I’m really more interested in how large the budget will be.

To get return traffic for MMOs there needs to be a fair budget, even if the scope is straight pvp only the cost to do it well will be significant. To capture the audience from the Warcraft and Star Wars players the features will need to be present too – unless it’s not that style of MMO. Perhaps the creators will go deliberately in a new direction and not try to shadow/copy the big few. I look forward to how the MMO resolves representing the politics of the setting.

Given its the same team who put together BattleStar, and that it’s a browser game – I suspect this is more to cash in on the current hype of Game of Thrones, than to actually to create a that world. According to RPS its based upon the TV show rather than the books, which could open up some seriously sexy and violent content.

… And that’s basically all we know, bar a couple more screenshots on the website. First footage will arrive during San Diego ComicCon next week, and beta testing is due later this year. Let’s hope Seven Kingdoms is more Game of Thrones The Roleplaying Game than Game of Thrones Genesis. And that there a big, brutal, Blackwater-style naval battles, please.

Did I sign-up for the site? Yup sure, you know it might be good.

Note to future self – Don’t expect too much, you love the lore and meeting your expectations will be nigh on impossible.