Old Thoughts About Warcraft Monks

I was doodling back in 2010 about what a monk might be link if introduced into World of Warcraft. As far as notes go, this was a long way from what Blizzard did. Thought it might be an easy quick distraction….

Story Concepts

  • Quiet fighter, walking the earth, correcting injustice.
  • Bare knuckle fighter, all speed, gusto, and brawn.
  • Corrupted soul, once pure who has been drawn into darker arts.
  • Drunken martial arts master, or a Friar Tuck humble figure.

Game Concepts

  • A cloth wearing melee.
    • Staffs, daggers, and fist weapons only. I’d be interested in some fist weapons actually looking like “hand bandages” much like bare knuckle fighters.
    • Dual wield is a must.
    • Should include some kicks as special moves which are not stuns by real power attacks.
  • Two dps talent trees, one solid healing tree.
    • Call them Martial (dps physical single target), Spirit (heals), Corruption (dps spell based aoe).
    • No reason why the healing style can’t be in melee too, but melee tend to suffer interrupts and splash damage more.
    • I don’t think a range dps tree is adding anything to the game, so would like to limit them so they are most affective when in close. Maybe part of active damage is an AoE or melee DoT.
  • Possible to be returning HP and Mana in a replenishment kind of way.
  • A “light” side and a “dark” side akin to the Priest Holy and Shadow options.