Real$AH WTB Authenticator

Apparently the Real Money Auction House will be up for play tomorrow, and restricted to people who have authenticators. Shucks, I think that is good news.

Why? – Well security, and knowing that the cash transaction is far more likely to be the real people involved, not a hacker exploiting. The only barrier I can see if those people who cannot afford or desire either a dongle authenticator, or a mobile device authenticator, and I seriously think that if you are willing to risk your game account by not using the almost free tools then you are not really invested in the game(s) at all.

Wanted: Account Setting Lockout – I still won’t be using the real money AH though, my real money is far too valuable to see being spent on golden pixels, and I have not interest in selling gear for cash. I would like an account setting in the Battle.Net profile to block all Real Money AH type transactions. This way even if my account is compromised, the hacker needs to make a setting change, and kids and partners cannot buy/sell “by mistake“.

Does this create a segregation between haves and have-nots? – Yup. Good.

Given D3 is not a subscription game there will be a very large amount of accounts around which are always active and able to be hacked. Without an additional point of security it is probably only a matter of time before many accounts get compromised. We might also see a time where some silly mobile device application or some such (LinkedIn, Champions Online, etc) makes passwords or some other part of the account information available or hacked, and an authenticator really helps with that. With the additional Auth device your account is not immediately completely compromised.

If there were a way to add an Auth type tool to things like PayPal and other “cash & credit” services I’d take it.

Will it help? Yes, but it won’t stop a hack where the Authenticator is added after the hack, so gear could be sold, stolen, etc. It’s the same argument for WoW, and I can hand on heart say that the Auth has never stopped me playing when I have wanted to.

If you don’t have one, get one.

3 thoughts on “Real$AH WTB Authenticator

  1. I will not be using the real money auctions either. Have you noticed the sudden increase in gold sellers? Please don’t let it fall the same way as WoW when I have to block idiots in the General chat window during the fast paced combat…..

  2. I already leave the bloody D3 chat when I login, its just the same as /Trade. And as for the gp sellers – I was hoping that (somehow) the AH in D3 would make that far less of a need, as you can buy gear from other players.

  3. The fact that an Authenticator is needed for the RMAH got me thinking; if I wasn’t playing WoW and was paranoid about the RHAH then I’d be better without an Auth? … No, but you see the dilemma, it would remove the RMAH from my toolset.

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