Real Money and Black Market AH

The Real Money AH for Diablo is delayed and the Black Market AH for World of Warcraft is all through the news. Interesting, AH is the new black at the moment.

A Real Money AH is buying and selling digital assets for real money, and is something that I plan to not be using. The idea of getting $BlizzBucks is nice and all, but I feel that it is a feature that I’ve never desired. That said, I think its a smart move for Blizzard, its been a unofficial part of Diablo before, and I know some players will love it. More power to them. It breaks nothing about my D3 experience, it is present from launch (almost), and it was widely known in advance so players could make a purchasing choice with full knowledge. Detractors should shut the hell up, its an interesting feature.

The Black Market AH for wow is where rare items will be sold by NPCs via an auction system to characters. In the screenshot a really rare mount, some “lost” tier gear, and several other rares are shown. Detractors have a real reason to be concerned, and its also an interesting feature. The lever for how outrageous this is will be what makes it into the list, and how often

So what are the rules for selection for Black Market? Well we have no true idea yet, I think Blizzard is floating the concept to gauge the community uproar, much like real names in game IDs.

  • Is T3 fair as you can’t get it elsewhere?
  • What about other Tier tokens for old sets; or perhaps even current tier?
  • Is a raid rare fair, as you tried to get it for years?
  • Why then can’t I purchase a legendary, or perhaps just the Left Binding for Thunderfury?
  • When can I buy my gear, and also a token that auto-levels from level 2 to level 55? The DKs start at 55, why not let other classes jump?

What happens when WoW introduces the Real Money Black Market AH?

Well its almost already here – its called the BoE purchasable gear. It is only a short trip from here to Warcraft having real money for goods in game in a planned interface, and while that would be concerning it is not game breaking either. It might make some players angry or make them feel that their beloved game has changed, but the game has changed. And it will continue to do so.

C’mon somebody throw in a casualisation comment.


3 thoughts on “Real Money and Black Market AH

  1. I certainly will not be buying from the AH with real money, as I think that it takes away the replay value of the game. Yes items are extremely rare, but is half the fun trying to discover them like raid gear in WoW? I suppose if you want to ‘cheat’ by purchasing trinkets for your character, then the AH makes you pay for them (and bolster Blizzards’ coffers too).
    Back to WoW, what really annoys me is the lack of upgrade to the Burning Crusade factions and gear. There are so many factions within the Warcraft world, that the Burning Crusade world gets overlooked during your race for level 85. I am currently revisiting this area to grind reputations for the rare mounts and also for the pleasure of being exalted with as many small factions as possible. It is a shame that Blizzard have not gone back and added level 85 equipment to these factions (such as Skyguards), as an inncentive to revisit those areas again. If they did, I wonder if those items would sell well on the RMAH too?

  2. Another idea would be some sort of gear upgrade for Tier equipment. You grind Nothrend for months to get a set of decent gear, but when you purchase Cataclysm you discover that the 1st item dropped is much better than your 2-h epic jagged frost bladed sword you fought with 39 other teammates over. How about Blizzard add a new currency or recycle system, where any rare items of a higher value can be destroyed and its components reused to bolster your lower level epic weapon to a higher tier? Maybe add unique qualities from the dismantled item to make your upgraded gear unique?
    Or allow the epic tier equipment to be BoA, so that when you find higher levelled items, your old gear can be passed down to your next of kin Warrior/DK/Paladin….
    My bank vault is full of old raid/faction gear collected of the years which my DK ShaggyD has grown out of… Shame to waste them.

  3. For D3 ….. the Rare (yellow) gear is certainly more common that I thought it would be. I have 4x items on my Mage now, and a polearm for a barbarian and a Fist for a Monk. All at level 18-ish. I totally ignore white drops most of the time, and look at the Blue drops when I take a breath.

    For WoW ….. I think the item re-use idea is great, and making a lot of gear BoA would be a great start. It would however also mean that we grind less, as we can have gear that is suitable without as much effort – something that I think Blizzad does not want. They need players to spend a huge amount of time in front of the pc, otherwise trouble starts. Scaled gear would be good, and perhaps that is what BoAs are trying for.
    Additional gear at the old vendors is good too, but I’d like a lore reason for it to happen. Adding new items with the SkyGuard style is not an absolute need, as re-forging allows the new sword to look like the SkyGuard one.
    One thing I noticed from my alts was that they never really needed new gear once they had BoA stuff; and certainly didn’t need new gear as often as it seemed to drop. Perhaps Tanking roles were harder given that it seems very rare for PvE rewards, but the PvE DPS rewards from quests are often more than enough to get an alt through the content.

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