Aside Its a shame that BHG & 38 Studio shutdown

My morning rss reader (via RockPaperShotgun) indicated that 38 Studios and BigHugeGames have sent all their staff home. The idea of a company wide layoff is disturbing. Many years ago I worked for a company which was close to being shut down, but we survived and it was eventually sold and almost everyone was happy. For those six months when we knew issues were present the office was chilling, and every day functioned under a dark cloud.

The staff in these two companies had it worse, as they probably didn’t have as much time to either adjust or expect the outcome, and they belong to a segment of software development which is highly specialised and passionate. Getting a new role which is as exciting again will be difficult, and they might be jaded by the experience.

Oddly Copernicus has some new screenshots shared by Curt recently and it looks good – which makes the situation sadder. Basically I hope R.P.S. info is wrong, and/or 38s rises in a new form to continue their games. A cartoon-ish art style is better imho for an MMO, and the screenies look palatable. Perhaps some of the IP will be picked up. Wishing them good luck.