D3 cleans-up with 6.3m players

I’m impressed, D3 has sold 6.3 million copies in approx 1 week. Fark.

RockPaperShotGun reports – Blizzard send word that Diablo III sold 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours on sale.

The upshot of that was 4.7 million people had the game on day one, and after a week that as grown to 6.3 million.

Launching for 4 million concurrent passionate players is difficult at the best of times andt here was a lot of people angry and ranting about how poor D3’s launch was. To my experience I installed and then was straight in and playing. I don’t play in huge blocks of time, and being an Australian I play at odd times – but I still think they did a darn good job. Even 200,000 people being upset out of 3-4 million is a significant but small proportion.

I’m not even close to completed as yet, and really enjoying it. It is better than the beta now, as the story can unfold without restriction.


3 thoughts on “D3 cleans-up with 6.3m players

  1. Finally a positive DIII post. I’m new to Diablo, and loving it. I’m enjoying the AH, and being clueless about the stats I need most. Mostly just guessing. I’m a bot weary of all the intense min maxing of WoW.

    Combat graphics are great, and I’m enjoying the story. I see several hundred hours of fun.

  2. @Bristal – Himan, I can’t see why the community is bitching hard about D3, it is was it was designed to be – at iteration of the Diablo themed games. Torchlight will be out soon too, and probably scratch a similar itch too. Perhaps we have a raging horde of players who dislike Blizzard in spite of how generally high quality their products are – to me it feels like haters who enjoy a good hate.

  3. I found the earlier games to be too repetitive and serious in their dark tones, however with D3 I am totally addicted and also enjoying the experience. Why? Each level has good story line to it, so you were pushing to discover what tricks were hidden at the end of the level. Also the use of npc ‘wingmen/women’ to aid you in your single experience quests. Each of the characters have a story to discover and react to your character, especially the Scoundrel who reminds me of Jamie Lannister from the Game of Thrones series. (infact my female barbarian is named Brienne and sounds like her too). Best of all, my old work mate is addicted too and frequently drops in to aid my adventures, if we are solo, we can simply return to the earlier chapters to complete them in our own time.
    It is a very good, polished game and I hope they continue to support the game with regular adventure updates, new classes and added epic gear we all crave for…..

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